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This ? Is it possible to throw away all DSLR and RED cameras? Because iPhone 13 gives all the solutions !?


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There has long been a debate about whether it is necessary / worthwhile to take a trip Professionally,

Or that advanced smartphones give no less good value (at least) 

From the professional equipment.

And here, come And announces that she has managed to rise a step or even two levels,

And now, thanks to one exploding name or another, the iPhone 13 has everything a professional photographer can

Can object, whether in stills or video.


is that so ?

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What matters is the photographer. In any case, the tools are always advanced and make it easier for the photographers to take pictures and for the photographers' clients.

But in theory I also got to meet retirees with medium format cameras that I did not see between what they photographed any difference with what ordinary people photograph with a phone camera.

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Take it in a completely different direction.

So let's unite the matter.


We will take a photographer from his shoulder upwards (so that there will be no personal discussion, suppose the photographer is in the top of the top).

the mother 13 will meet all his needs equally to the professional equipment that the same photographer uses,

In stills and video, or just one of them.

Do the results in low light or cinematic meet the requirements of professional photography?

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So I'll answer that if I'm already up 10 minutes to 4 at night. The answer is no. Not for professional use.

The versatility that there is with quality lenses that cost quite a bit and some more than the camera were built to create a certain optical presentation.

Among other things as little optical distortion as I can not stand. Although I believe that in future versions the ai of the phones will fix some of them.

Right now in the current generations of phones you can see the over-sharpening along with the particularly small pixels in the video. It does not look buttery smooth as it can be seen with equipment and proper use in the professional world.

The sensors of the phones currently do not meet the standards of magnifications and fine details and poor lighting conditions.

The files and amount of information contained in a raw phone file does not cover the dynamic range of many professional cameras. This means that the files are not too editable without creating different types of artifacts.

Anyway, I will mention a good word because I can continue until tomorrow to say what is wrong. You can take pictures with a phone and it is convenient. But there is still time for the phones to catch up with the standards that exist in dslr and mirrorless cameras of all kinds.

I will just mention that the technological advancement that is taking place in smartphones is much faster than in the world of professional cameras. Again everything is relatively different from generation to generation.


Edited By NR
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Thanks !


Although you have referred to smartphones as a whole,

Because Apple claims that - 13 is far beyond anything else.

And the features of cinematics in video and poorly lit photography are at the same time

Level with the professional equipment.


That's the whole point.

Her shout?

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People have a short memory, every generation of Some people claim that way.

Anyway when you set up excellent and interesting lighting then it does not matter so much what camera you will use. At least not for the average user and it will look good.

When you also use narrower lenses to photograph people then it will look better than the lenses that were once the default on phones that were too wide and distorted.

In terms of They have capabilities on paper that are good. In terms of sensor quality then still not there.

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The future is incomputational photography And currently phone makers Joints to pieces The mum-mum-shape of all the "regular" camera makers.


The image that comes out of an iPhone camera with night mode (or almost any other phone with Correspondingly) it is technologically advanced in dozens (if not hundreds) of times what dslr / mirrorless / mf camera knows how to spend today, while the "hardware" it has (both in terms of sensor and optics) is about a fraction of what conventional cameras have to offer.


All the standard camera knows is to simply expose the sensor to time X with a lens in the Y aperture key, and set the sensor to a Z sensitivity, and here it's over. Max a bit of a classic post-processing style contrast / sturgeon / sharpening / cleaning .. but everything in the form of a post - that is, to edit the existing image after the fact - things that can also be done on a computer later for each image anyway.


The phone, on the other hand, shoots dozens of frames (most of them before you even press the shutter button), connects them, analyzes them, uses them to clean noise intelligently, produces HDR in a way that no camera knows how to do, which produces a dynamic range that ordinary cameras can only dream of. On it in their fantasies, while maintaining details like skin tone and everything through Super powerful and machine learning. He knows how to create a depth map (!) For each image (using depth sensors, Lidar) and identify with it what the main object is and what the background is - to know how to reveal correctly and determine the Dynamic in accordance with this information, create and allow a change of depth of field in retrospect (!) ... and more and more.


And recently - all these things he did for pictures - he now does for fucking video too !!!!!!!


This is not a competition at all.

This is not the same league at all.

It can hardly be considered the same industry!



Of course there is no substitute for optics - a larger sensor will always be better than a smaller sensor, by definition. Larger lenses will always be better than smaller lenses, in general.




If cameras with large sensors and professional optics get a rating for that matter 100,

And phones with small photo sensors and funny optics + sophisticated software get a relative rating of 200 (yes, 2 times better than regular cameras, and I'm very subtle),

So imagine what will happen when they take real cameras with large sensors and professional optics - and attach them to the phones' software.


Technologically there is no limit here, it is entirely possible.

Business-wise, it is unclear if and when this will happen.


But if that happens, it's going to be the most delusional leap in the world of photography ever.


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Thank you so much for the stuff. ^^^

Very interesting.

With or without contact, it ( computational photography  ) What Apple claims the iPhone 13 uses.


Quote of Milford Cubicle

Technologically there is no limit here, it is entirely possible.

Business-wise, not clear If and when it will happen.



This is the question of the questions .....

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