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Restore previous whatsapp whatsapp backups


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My wife regularly backs up WhatsApp content through the automatic backup of Drive. In the June 2021 area the Google Drive apparently filled up without her knowledge.


Today a message was deleted for her and after reading a bit on the internet, she deleted the WhatsApp and reinstalled so that the WhatsApp would restore everything including the deleted message.

The problem is that she was sure it also included a backup of the last few months.

But this is not the case so all the last few months have just disappeared, inclusive , Messages, etc.


We realized that there are local backups of WhatsApp on the device (it has s21 if for any reason it has any importance).


How can the last few months be restored? How do you find the local backups themselves as long as they exist?


We will be happy to receive your help.


Many thanks in advance,


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I do not back up with Drive so I do not know what will happen in the situation that you both backed up the device and Drive.

In general I delete and reinstall the WhatsApp. Copies the file to this folder (I hope I remember correctly and does not get confused with another folder) and then opens the app and it asks if I want to upload the backup from the drive (even though the backup is on the cell phone) and chooses yes.

Note that this is not always successful on a first try. I had situations that I had to delete several times and reinstall until it input. In addition, every chair installation and sending verification code means that you will have to wait longer until you can request that they send you a valid verification code in case you need to delete the app again and reinstall

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