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Note 10+ Background 1 gray instead of black and lighting is slightly dimmed


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Suddenly yesterday, without changing anything, I felt a drop in color intensity on the phone.
I get a gray background, maybe with a drop of yellow like that, instead of the black I had before, with a lower contrast.
I will go out in night mode and vivid color mode, so it always has been.
Another sign is that in the previous mode I was on adaptive brightness i.e. a mode that adjusts the brightness according to the lighting.
Now if I put on it all the lighting is faded, must put on a manual brightness direction.
Another weird sign is that when I do what is called TAPING on a closed screen, to see the time, it should stay for about 10 seconds, but it turns on for a second and closes.
I tried all sorts of directions, did not really go.
One of the forums suggested this:
The issue is in Play Books. This SOLVED it for me: 1) Open a book in Playbooks 2) Select the font option ie Aa 3) Click Tone 4) Click the settiings icon and select Turn off now.
So first I never used it.
Second, I tried to do this but when I try to download a book it gives me an error message.

Extra info: The other weird thing is that when I send to someone else, with the same phone, a screenshot of me with the gray backgrounds, he gets it on his phone in black mode. And I also see it on my computer screen in WhatsApp Web, black. And when he sends me his black, I see on the computer screen black and on my phone, his picture, gray. It may be that the processing of the image is normal for me, but something on my screen does not correctly express the color.

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