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Where does Partner get electricity for her fiber closet


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I joined Partner Faber this week. The technician unloaded the fiber from me and connected it to Partner's fiber cabinet at the entrance to the building.

The problem is that currently the internet is not working and this is because there is a short at the power point which is also responsible for the stairwell.

The person in charge of the installations told me that until the short was repaired, he could not complete my internet connection.

Another problem that has arisen is the reluctance on the part of the tenants to hire an electrical technician and fix the fault (a building of 12 apartments almost half of them rent, or ghost flats, and the other half are elderly and incapable. In both cases, there is no pressure to fix the power fault).

my question is:

1. How does Partner usually draw electricity to her fiber closet - is it really through the same electricity of the stairwell and if so, then does she pay the committee for the electricity as the other tenants in the building need when they pay the committee?

2. Does the partner have the option to draw electricity from another source in the building (for example, like an attractive boulevard, only in coordination with HH on one electricity point) [for me this is very critical in light of the fact that every few months the building is cut off LH]?

If there is anything else I need to know, then it would be great.


Thanks in advance,


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1. a. Yes; B. Hahahahaha are you kidding? No she does not pay the committee for the electricity. You are the customers and you pay her for the service ... Do you want them to pay you for the electricity that their router needs at home?

2. Not that I know of. You can simply join any other fiber infrastructure available to you, to the best of my knowledge partners are the only ones that require electricity for their closet.

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What's inside the house is mine, it's clear. I just see no reason why neighbors who do not consume Partner's service should pay for the equipment she owns in the building. If anything, it should fall on its consumers in the building and not on all the neighbors. From what I heard too Sign the committee that the electricity bill of the communications cabinet will be on all the tenants and not only on the consumers of . I just do not have a tidy committee because the tenants do not pay for anything so of course they will not pay for a closet that they do not use. What's more, the electricity in our stairwell is always cut off for a few weeks due to shortages or debts to the electricity company. It is a pity that Partner's website states that the infrastructure exists, but if it is not coordinated with the committee in advance, in my opinion this is a public deception. The person in charge of the installations also told me that he needed approvals from the committee. I do not seem to have the strength to quarrel here with any of the neighbors. Even so, everyone hates each other.

So if what you are saying is true, it seems to me that I will already give up Fiber in the building and that's it.

Thanks for the help.

By the way, if anyone knows anything else, then feel free to add.

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Well, bottom line is I went back to the 100MB of Expon 018 (adsl / vdsl infrastructure).

I spoke to the installation manager at Partner and asked him if it was possible to make a different layout for the apartment or they would draw electricity from another point, and he replied that he has no option and he works according to a set standard, and if I can not convince the other tenants to solve the problem. . 

From this I realized that as long as it depends on my neighbors, I will not have Fiber to the world, so after I finished talking to the installation manager I immediately called Partner's call center and asked to disconnect. When they heard the reason, they realized I was right and for them there was nothing to do and cut me off. The next day they took the router that the technician left on the day of installation, and already today I renewed the contract with Expon 018.

Conclusion: If you do not have an orderly committee with regular payments for the maintenance of the building (we have a debt of NIS 1,700 to the electricity company for the stairwell electricity because neighbors do not pay to the committee!), You may not advance to fiber infrastructure but get stuck in old adsl / vdsl infrastructure.


Thanks to everyone who tried to help.

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What appears is not always what is in practice.

If I compare what they offered me in another company (not what is listed on their website) and the price of Listed on the site for 1 GB, the difference is not 10-20 NIS (in addition to the fact that Bezeq pushed and may still push the installation cost).

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I also have a partner's fiber working fine except from twitch sometimes crawling (they have improved a bit but I mostly on 480P). Because of the problems in twitch, I thought of moving to Bezeq, which also installed fiber in the building. I called 199 and checked conditions


With Bezeq International (I have good experience with them) 159 shekels a month after 3 months of a reduced rate. This includes 20 shekels per month In the rental (I prefer than being stuck with hardware I do not need) the problem is that it is not possible to change much in this router and if I want to use mine I will have to talk to the technical staff. Anyway I also inquired about the installation and the representative told me If Partner's fiber is working properly (I'm guessing from their box upstairs to the house) installation is free Otherwise 450 shekels in 36 installments (12.5 per month). The technician decides on this. I checked what we have in the closet and Partner's box is farther away and there is also an Actra cable that can be used to extend if needed.


I think I'm paying a similar price to a partner so maybe I should move on. There were once technical glitches when there were renovations in Partner Jump's shelter building but it didn't happen for a long time and I know how to fix it. 

Edited By Niseg
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