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USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type-C


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Quote by law89

Hi. Is it possible to connect SSD That it has such a connection to the computer that it has USB 3.2 gen 1?

And whether there is an adapter that is suitable for non-type c (regular) ports USB 3.2 gen 1 andUSB 3.1 gen 1?


USB 3.2 gen 1 andUSB 3.1 gen 1 is actually 3.0 in the renaming incarnations they made.


There should be backward compatibility but of course you will not get the full speed 20gbps compared to 5gbps.


There are correlations from C to A female / male and vice versa



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Thanks. By the way there is no cable that connects them directly?

With the transcend drive came two cables one of which in my opinion was type c for the drive and type a for the computer.

I tried looking at KSP and did not find one.


Kingston recommended for SSD? I remember that on transcend I got a very bad review after I bought the drive and they wrote me that I made a mistake that I bought it.

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Quote of A-10

There are also in the country, just around the corner - 



I can not properly edit the message from the cell phone (the site is simply unbearable to enter via the cell phone).


I saw what you wrote down. Thank you 

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  • 2 weeks later ...

I'll attach some .

One with drive size - the drive is really, really small. There is another sleeve that is supposed to be worn on it (probably to protect from water or dust or do not know what).

In terms of speed - tested with a gen 1 cable. I was expecting towards 600 megabytes per second as it supports 5gbps. I actually got 460.

Potentially it should reach 2GB with a 2X2 gen but in light of the test I ran, I doubt it will reach the maximum direction.



Jpg drive

2.PNG speed

PNG Speed

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The stated speeds are like fuel consumption according to the manufacturer data 

Or charging range, if to be up to date .....

That is, any connection to reality, quite loose.

It depends on the processor, , Ports and their nature, the drive itself and what connects it to the computer.

In short, be happy with your part, :).


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a quote

In short, be happy with your part, :).


I went for it specifically just because of the speed (this is the second fastest drive I found) so it sucks a bit.

It's clear to me that at the moment he can not reach his full potential because of the connection, but I still hoped for the 600 area.

I hope that with a faster connection it will rise towards the 2000s.

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