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Stationary computer for office work. 2K budget


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Hello, I am interested in purchasing a new desktop or a reliable 2nd hand, with a budget of up to 2K.
It is important for me to choose a computer that will give me the cost versus the best benefit. 

These are the computers I am debating:אלקטרוניקה/מחשבים-וציוד-היקפי/מחשבים-נייחים


If there is another computer you recommend I would love to hear, Thanks.

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Quote of mordehay8886

As for the store, I have heard quite a few people who sometimes have problems with the computers from IVORY 
Do you know?


I have only good words for them. I had computer crashes. I took the computer for repair only towards the end of the warranty because of the corona. Although they did not get over the fault for the first time, it will be said to their credit that they eventually replaced the memory and power and it seems that the problem was solved. Were very nice and helpful. For me, if the prices of their memories were not so expensive, I would always buy from them.


By the way, keep in mind that every store may have problems. The question is not if there will be problems but how the store handles when there are problems.

One of their downsides which is quite significant is that they do not have a phone so quite have to get to the branch for everything.

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Another thing, in my budget for a computer for study, is stationary always better than mobile?
I think ahead that maybe later I will need the computer in frontal courses. 
Admittedly, I'm more comfortable typing on a regular keyboard, and that's the dilemma.
In other words, when is it more appropriate to purchase a stationary and when a mobile?
Thank you very much for the help and appreciation very much appreciated.

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