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Regarding HDMI


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Quote of A-10

That's what it is.

And there are those for whom it is enough,

The main thing is that it works.

This is not what it is, he needs to know the card he has is old, not of good quality 
Not suitable for games.
Low FPS 
The card will make noise in the game and heat up (both old and weak)

Who said it satisfies him?

It does not work well.

It is possible that on a low budget he will buy a consulate for $ 500 and enjoy more 

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a quote

Who said he wanted to play?

Where is it written in the whole thread that he is not playing?
He did not record anything to do with the computer 
So I mentioned a fact what can not get with the video card.
That he will decide.


a quote


Believe me, 99 percent of gamers do not 

Ask this question ....


Now you claim he can be ?
 A gamer who does not know how to ask this question 
he is Bad.

You can not buy games and play with inappropriate hardware 

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Quote of A-10


No, on the contrary, if there was Gamer Would not ask,

And he asks - he does not Gamer, So the performance of the existing card for gaming 

Not relevant.


But leave, unnecessary gossip (on my part at least). 

Read your scriptures and you will understand that you are very confused 

a quote

No, on the contrary, if there was Gamer Would not ask,

You get tangled up and complicate to cover up a lack of understanding.

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Kfir, must you in every second hearing look for a quarrel?

I'm not sure I agree with what he said, but what can you not understand?


Those who gamer ----> usually understand video cards ---> so usually will not ask about video cards

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