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Can software that uses a processor frequently but not sequentially harm it?


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I use a lot of scanned Judaism software called Treasure of Wisdom. The software contains tens of thousands of books that are encoded in a type of file unique to the software, and can be browsed and browsed through the software. Each 'browse' in the book basically opens the next page from the file, and a test of CPU usage (through the task manager) shows an increase in usage of about 20% for about half a second. Recently, a completely new version of the software was released, with the files being re-encoded in a new file type that takes up less storage space. As a result, and perhaps more changes, in the new version tested on the same computer each page is seen as using a processor of about 50%.

The question is this: since normal use of software can flip hundreds of times an hour, can this 'jump' in using the processor hundreds of times an hour at a time for half a second harm it or cause increased wear (I mean something beyond normal)? The question concerns me as I am debating whether it is worth upgrading to the new version.


The processor in the computer being tested is i5 generation 8, but the question is relevant to any processor.

The software is working on .


Thanks in advance!

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