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Opinions regarding specification upgrade

Liorf 123

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I wanted to thank everyone first for the help !! Especially to

@ Moon-Mage

@ A-10



There is this specification from STARPC that I took from the ready made computers.

Happily my budget is 5500 -5600 so I have another 500 NIS to upgrade :)

I think it's worth upgrading the motherboard, CPU cooling, chassis, and power.

I would be happy if you could please recommend me Better better case etc.  (MmSTARPC  At 500 NIS because there I plan to buy)


Thank you very much in advance :) 


Processor: 779 NIS - * Sale * - intel SIX i5 11400 2.6Ghz-4.4Ghz S1200 TRAY
CPU Air Cooling: 99 ₪ - * New * - UX100 ARGB Lighting
Motherboard: 399 ₪ - * Operation * - PRIME B560M-A
Memory: 377 NIS - * Sale * - 16G (2x8G) Ballistix-ELITE 3200Mhz CL16
Video Card: 2833 ₪ - * Operation * - RTX3060Ti 8G Up To 1665Mhz MINI DUAL V2
Power supply: 208 NIS - * new * - XPG 600W PROBE 80+ BRONZE 3 Years
Package: 159 NIS - * New * - FSP CMT211 Tempered Glass 1x120mm

Final price: cash / bank transfer: 4854 
For credit: up to 12 payments 4951 ₪ or 36 payments 5048 ₪

Edited By Liorp 123
Not sure I was clear enough
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Cooler air cooling: 109 NIS - * New * - CoolerMaster Hyper 212 SPECTRUM RGB
Motherboard: 572 ₪ - TUF B560M-PLUS GAMING
Power supply: 379 NIS - * new * - 700W Neo Eco 80+ GOLD 5 Year Warranty
Chassis: 280 ₪ - * NEW * - NX410 TB 1X120mm + 2X140mm ARGB BLACK
If you want to add more you can upgrade to non-micro tuf gaming or upgrade a case to the NX800 for example.

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first of all thank you very much! 

Cooler cooling is significantly better for me! Because the fan is dynamic so that it is less noisy :) 

Significantly better power! 

As for the case I just saw that it has more airiness but I guess if you recommend then probably the airflow is also better.

As for upgrading the motherboard, it seems to me a bit redundant more PCI slots no? (Probably not going to build a system with two video cards).

As for the NX800 is significantly better? Isn't he really huge already?

thanks again! I wish I had a tenth of your degree of understanding / knowledge ... 


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I have no first hand experience with the NX410, but from getting to know the NX800 and NX240 there is usually very good airflow and good value for money and the savings are usually in things that are bonuses like cable rubbers.

I have an NX800 and I am very satisfied, especially in relation to the price and it is not very big (you have all the dimensions on the Antek website).

Upgrade the board if it is more in case you want a more powerful processor in the future, but it can only be a 10 or 11 series processor then you may not really have anything to invest.


Anyway just a last note if you have waited until now it might be worth your while to wait for the 12th generation of Which is just around the corner and rumor has it that he will bring in a pretty serious line.

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Admittedly it's very tempting to wait, but from what I understand only towards the 11th of November it officially came out, I believe it will take time for it to arrive in the country.

Other than that it looks like the attractive video cards are running out.  

At the moment I'm still getting along with a laptop (can no longer use the old stationary ...) but I already want to buy a new computer :) 

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