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Intel's big comeback: Core i9 12900K and Core i5 12600K in review


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Quote of A-10

What's really unfortunate is that Intel has not really innovated anything.

Where are they and where is the M1 for its variety of models .....

What exactly are you talking about? In addition to the 12900K efficiency, I eat the M1 without salt.
In any case the real good news in this generation is the I5 that I will rent as a proper competitor in the 5600 X and the 12400 will probably be the most affordable processor for the games that came out, unless Will wake up and finally release 5600 without X.

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Not so long ...

In creating content, with all the power that 12th generation processors consume, it is not at all certain that they will eat the M1 without salt ....

And wait for it to come out With the M1 version for stationary, whatever they call it, then really look for salt ....


The point here, that Intel has not really innovated anything, unlike .

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I do not understand what you want, the improvement that Intel brought between generation 10 and 12 is very serious (generation 11 should not have existed at all and I do not consider it).

What you also compare between oranges and apples the M1 is a processor RISC and the Processors of They are X86 CISC and in any application that uses X86 commands the M1 can not compete seriously and that is even if we ignore the fact that you do not run it at all On both systems and that you can not buy an M1 and connect it however you want but you are stuck with the system that Apple will sell you with all the highs that go with it.

In short the comparison here should be opposite And the processor name of Brings similar performance (and will run a little better) but much less efficient (at least under full load) and on the other hand if / when the 12400 comes out it will finally have a midrange processor at a really high level that can be paired with a powerful video card without losing performance even at 1080P.

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In short, Intel did to The what AD is now for Intel.

And so on.

Not really ....

AMD did Different = renewed .

Intel, has been stepping on the spot for a decade, and is only rising more and more in the insane vendors

That its processors consume, including 12th generation.

Very little wisdom.


Now, what really this thug fight is related to what they did ?

And if Intel and Such wise men - why did not they?

Because Although she did not invent anything new, but at least brought to action

Processors that both give and do not require Liquid and power plant.


Really, what's up ....

Edited By A-10
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I do not understand what you want and what exactly you are talking about, generation 12 is Brand new and new lithograph.
I also do not understand what you are pushing the As long as they are not in the same sector at all.

And the I5 does not require any power station either Medium air + will suffice, only the I9 needs water.

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I'm not pushing , Certainly not me (and you know very well what I think about ...).

But ... all I come to say is some proportions.

There is an improvement (wow, Big Deal ...., is not it time?),

But nothing new.

And no, adding sealed cores to regular cores is not new.

It's still the same x86 architecture from the days of who remembers when,

And what exactly is the enthusiasm for? What ?

Bypassed 5600x by 15 percent?

If it does that to you, let it be ...

At the end of this year / beginning of next They will already be out

Upgraded versions of the current CPU line

And at least they will be equal to generation 12. Wow ....


How right was the title of the M1 processor review?

They are in a league of their own.


And interesting, why Waiting with 12th generation for mobiles ......

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Quote of Moon-Mage

New lithograph

Do not understand big in it, but it does not look like something new

The processor behaves like From the previous generation

The heat and power are high


Anyway, I think Intel built us a sophisticated processor

Took the benefits of kind of all And attached them together

And also created a FABRIC that utilizes it better than the CACHE of yesteryear


Intel has opted for lithography which is heavy on the power supply but the processing power it brings closes on At 7 NM

With a nice OC option for people who really need it, so it's a very good choice


Maybe another generation / two Come out with a processor with a SOC-based concept, like And will bring performance and power as low as theirs



Edited By aviv00
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Do not know what you want, except that I9 in Load full Power consumption is completely reasonable and in any case this is the first time that Intel uses this lithography for stationary processors.
It was called "10 NM" before, but it's completely meaningless and now they call it "Intel 7" which is a completely meaningless code name as well.

Edited By Moon-Mage
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