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Yad2 website does not allow browsing.


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The Yad2 website has been redesigned to lower the user experience and make the site slower, cumbersome and display ads less conveniently sometime in the last two years, but in recent months a system has also been added Annoying that does not allow surfing.

It turns out that if you leave an open card of the site for hours and return to it, the site blocks you. When talking to a representative then it is clear to her that this is a use that should not be on the site. Why? So. It has never happened to me on another site.

The representative accuses ad blockers. I have canceled them all, and in Incognito there are no other active plugins and that is still the case.
Attempts to search, filter by categories, open ads, click the ad owner's phone button, all require CAPTCHA resolution and not only that, but the CAPTCHA does not open on the screen but requires a page refresh before it can be resolved. 
The site has become completely unusable for me.

I will mention that I contacted the company several times and the representative refused in any case to let me speak directly with the site manager / customer service manager to forward a complaint, and insisted that I again go through the usual pipes that do not change anything.

I wanted to ask if anyone else gets a similar user experience on the site and if there is anyone to contact to file a complaint. I do not see how it is fair to block my use of the site when I have not done anything to justify it and when it is the largest site in Israel next to a second.

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