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Undecided about motherboard for 12700k


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November this year has been very successful in terms of hardware component prices, now there remains a dilemma regarding motherboard

Is it better to take Input sample of Or can we wait quietly for the b660 boards to arrive? 

Things that are important to me: 

That the processor will reach the declared maximum without And the board will have a normal voltage system that will not overheat 

Reliable and stable board 

Ports Multiple


The dilemma is mostly between buying z690 prime now and wait for it to come out strix / tuf b660

The processor will be composed of NH D15 with 32 gb -3200 in a set of fractal define r4 

Any idea or insight would be welcomed ... 


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Quote of Moon-Mage

If you do not plan to do OC there is no reason to buy Z690 Unless it's important for you to buy now.

It's important to me to support pcie gen 5 and that the processor will run at the maximum possible without OC when the board components with normal temp. Ready to wait ... 

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Quote of Moon-Mage

Why the hell does a 5th generation PCIE matter to you if there is nothing that even supports it?
In any case the PCIE5 is from the processor and not from the chipset.

I am building on the trinity for the next 5-8 years, after which I also assume that there will be use as a basis for another computer at home. That is why compatibility with all the new technologies is important to me. I plan another 3-4 years to put a new video card in my computer. Guess he'll need a 5th generation

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