My power: hec 400vn 2wx - knocked me out (apparently) and I'm looking for a replacement or used. Suppliers and Enclosures - HWzone Forums
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My power: hec 400vn 2wx - knocked me out (apparently) and I'm looking for a replacement or used.


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The computer stopped working today.

And when it stops working, the intention is that when you press the switch, it does not respond, nothing.

The computer is completely dead and does not open.

The power in the title is the one I have on the computer and it smells bad so I assumed maybe the problem with it.

So I went to buy a supplier and unfortunately I bought the supplier fsp hd 420 which does not fit my very old case.

I did not get with it suitable screws (it is retail) and the screws I have from the old supplier are suitable for holes that are not in the same location of the fsp supplier.

(On the face of it, the holes also seem to be a little thinner than the ones in my old supplier)

So if by chance someone has this supplier I would really love to buy at a nominal price (assuming it is not new - I am from the Haifa area).

Alternatively, if you can help me find some other supplier with holes that are in the right place for my current case, that would be great.

I do not really understand it beyond what I have described here.

My package is some generic package about 13 years old, so maybe there are power supplies that fit generic packages in the hope that these packages have not changed over the years.

And if there are any then I would love a recommendation.

I probably do not need more than 400w (the most excessive thing I have on my computer is an ati 2400 pro hd graphics card).



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  • undav changed the title to My power: hec 400vn 2wx - knocked me out (apparently) and I'm looking for a replacement or used.

I found a doubt (of Antek) that its holes look (according to the picture here) in a similar location to the holes in my case, but of course I'm not 100 percent sure it will fit and I have no desire again to buy and get a product I have nothing to do with.

Do you think it can really fit? (The holes look thick enough similar to the slightly thick screws that my malfunction has to provide).


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Quote of none77

You should upload a picture of your chassis and how the power is connected to it, the positions of the ATX12V standard screws which is what you have have not changed for more than 20 years.

Excellent. This is what I really wanted to know. If there is such a standard I should look for. Thank you!

And here's a little Of my carrier when connected to a computer, when connected to mine and its details:

(There is a sequel after the photos)







And as a result of all this, does the image of the vendor I uploaded a number of responses to before, really fit my case?

Also, how do I know to identify the supplier according to my standard when looking for a supplier to buy?

I have not seen any reference to this ATX12V standard in the list of vendors I have seen.



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Okay friends, a surprising ending and a sensational discovery (unfortunately not for the first time) by his side: once again I came out dumb unfortunately the rabbi.

Had to install this vendor upside down and not as I intended and insisted in advance.

And I found out when I went to the store today and told them what the problem was and I was already going to switch to another supplier and it seemed they did not understand what closed with me but saw I was determined and did not object but then suddenly the reality was revealed to me and I noticed that the holes are exactly the same holes. When the new carrier is sitting upside down).

Indeed when I got home (with exactly the same supplier I bought yesterday), I was able to install it (on the way I also pampered the processor with a new thermal ointment) and the computer is now working and from which I am writing to you.

Thank you very much for your help!


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What is important is that the power is connected to the top is that the fan is down, your fan puts in air and if it is up it will have a hard time putting in air, once you have no option to change direction in a case it is likely to be like this.

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