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Absorption of digital broadcasts (DTT) in Petah Tikva


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Do not know the virtue.

In the area between Ganim Junction and Sirkin Junction, Gordon Street and a little north of it is Eternity Street The Palm House Nursing Home.

Room on the second floor facing north.

Small original antenna inside the room - no reception.

Small original antenna outside on the balcony railing (magnet base) fragmented reception. Improvement in horizontal rather than vertical position.

A small original antenna outside beyond the railing on the air conditioner as a large metallic base - good reception. Move it 40 cm to the left to the other side of the air conditioner and there is no absorption.

Antenna on the roof 5th floor is connected in the original place - excellent reception.

From experience in Kfar Saba: Everywhere you have to try and check. A difference of 200 meters up the street can be big.

Usually a connection to an antenna on the roof of the building, which was used before the cable era, allows for good reception.

Check the location of the transmitters on Idan's website.

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A friend and I live quite close to the virtue and we both have no reception at all with the original antenna, with an amplified antenna there is in some directions reception of up to 20% (which is a horror). In the meantime, NIS 500 went to waste. It's not fun to be among the first ...

In Raanana, the results are similar. In Kass there was a beauty of reception with the original antenna, two months later even with the amplified do not receive. Strange. In Alfei Menashe, how strange, beauty received both Israeli broadcasts and a set of Arab stations that by name are probably Egyptian.

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I know from my sister that there is good absorption in Hod Hasharon

But from experience in Jerusalem differences of a few inches were very critical to the antenna

In most of the room it refused to operate but there was some single place where there was excellent reception

So it's always worth doing in a perimeter apartment

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Speaking of DTT. Anyone have a recommendation for a quality DTT antenna? (I live in a private house)

Antenna on the roof is not really possible, I'm looking for something more desktop.

The antenna that came with the dongle is really bad and the transmissions are constantly interrupted.

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In my Jerusalem, the absorption is excellent throughout the house (I use a computer dongle). Sharp and good quality and since I downloaded an update to the software of my device the transmissions are smoother and the characters do not get streaks in rapid movement.

very pleased! The only downside is that there is not much option to play with the settings but okay.

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