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Computer upgrade from 2017

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My salesman has a computer from the beginning of 2017, which is his specification:

Processor 7500

16g ddr4

geforce 1060gtx

500gb hard disk (not ssd)

250g ssd


And we were interested in adapting the computer for this year. I was thinking of offering to upgrade the motherboard to the CPU, give up the old hard drive and add an SSD


Although at the time it was important for him to be able to run heavy games, today it does not matter to him, but prefers to keep the existing video card.


Regarding the motherboard:

Connectivity is important to us: WIFI6, to have Bluetooth if possible, to have at least one USBC, but there is no need for something too crazy that includes 10 USB connections


For the processor:

Basically do not think it matters to me whether it's Intel or , The main thing is that the value will be good, and just maybe you should make sure (because the board if it depends on it) that the video card can even go into the motherboard that will fit the processor


About oryx:

Should it be worth replacing them with new memories? Or will it be enough to move them?



In terms of budget:

Guess 2000 sounds logical, but you can play with it.



Thank you. I would be happy to add more details as needed

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In my opinion, if there is no need to improve performance, there is no need to replace the CPU. If the CPU does not need to be replaced, there is no need to replace the board.

You did not write down which board is currently available, this may be important. 


There are internal wifi6 cards, with BT :

Gigabyte AX210 WIFI 6E

TPLink Archer ax3000

asus AX58BT WiFi6 

 Costs 220-350 NIS.

As far as I know boards with built-in wifi cost over 6 NIS 


If you want the Type C to also have a front connection then you need to replace the case or purchase something like this: (about 100 NIS)

(There are also cheaper ones with fewer connections) 


Assuming you do not have to have the Type C work at super high speeds then you can supply such an adapter to connect the Type C to the top 3 Standard :


So you can close everything for 500 NIS ...



From what I saw an expansion card for pci-e with usb3.2 support and such a head of a-key costs quite a lot and is not worth it (300 NIS +) 

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The motivation for the upgrade is that the computer is not as fast as you would expect, the replacement of the CPU will not make it feel like a computer bought just now?

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Similar to the previous response


It is difficult to give an informed answer without getting more vital information. 

Like, what Installed on a computer today, and for what uses or purpose is the upgrade intended.


In principle, in order to get USB3.1-C and WiFi6 connectivity, it is enough to add expansion cards at a cost that does not exceed 300 NIS. 

It is possible that the addition of an SSD disk in the M.2 interface at an additional cost of about 400 NIS can upgrade the performance considerably. However, it is impossible to make sure that such a disk is compatible with the current system without knowing which motherboard it is.


Quote of eaaD

The motivation for the upgrade is that the computer is not as fast as you used to be Expect, Replacing the CPU will not make him feel like a computer bought just now?

Not necessarily, speed depends on many variables, from factors like accumulated dust, to hardware problems or limitations and problems with the various installations on the computer.


(There is also a question concerning the subjective sense of speed compared to a modern computer in which the technological changes that have taken place over the years in relation to the computer from previous years have been assimilated.

Edited By 345
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Quote of eaaD

The motivation for the upgrade is that the computer is not as fast as you would expect, the replacement of the CPU will not make it feel like a computer bought just now?

In everyday office work you will not see a difference in performance between the above processor and any latest generation processor.

drive High quality with clean installation of Can help with this matter. 


If in doubt, you can run the task manager to go to the performance tab (performance?) And see how many times during the day the CPU reaches 100% and whether it gets there while you think it is functioning slowly.



Reinforces what is said above about feeling in the face of reality, but if the computer visits a lot on the mechanical drive consume reading files (e.g. USER folder that are there or folders Etc.) or SWAP file God forbid so it is a matter of substance. 

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I understand what you're saying, and you're right, but still: I compare that computer to my laptop we bought last year - and my laptop turns on faster, and works faster in all the little things: opening documents, online tabs, etc.


So even though it is clear to me that the difference between 2017 and today is not dramatic and that neither my laptop nor that computer most of the time do not reach 100% utilization of the CPU, I still thought that maybe the very fact that the product itself (processor and tablet say) will be new will change the whole situation


But maybe that's a mistake

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Ok, would you rather try to delve a little deeper into this question before purchasing or would you rather purchase parts for NIS 2000 and find out that there is something else on the computer that slows it down and in fact did not replace it? 


As for the boot time, indeed in the newer processors the BIOS / UEFI system is more agile and the rise time from zero is shortened, but this is not essential for daily work.


Details like which mobile you have and which You have a desktop computer will help.


You also did not specify the memory speed (although you did ask if you could move it to the next board) and did not specify whether it was 1x16 or 2x8. 


Help us help you ...


Anyway, tablet as you like + up-to-date i5 processor + High quality 1tb rising together 2000.  

Edited By yoavke
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Released (Edited)

Here are the details I missed:
H110M-PRO-VD - MSI - LGA 1151 - 2x up to 32GB at 2133 MHz - PCIe 3.0 x16 - 2x PCIe 2.0 x1 - 4x SATA - 4x 3.1 Gen1 - 6x 2.0 - DVI - VGA - mATX (23.5x18.0 cm) ...
CM8067702868012 - Intel - i5-7500 Kaby Lake Quad CPU - 3.4 GHz - Max Turbo Frequency 3.8 GHz - Socket LGA1151 - 14nm - 6MB cache - 65W TDP - Tray ...
HX421C14FB2K2-16-PC - HyperX - 16GB (2x8GB) 2133Mhz - With new PC Only - PC4-17000 CL14 - 1.2V - 288Pin - HyperX Fury Series - HX421C14FB2K2/16...


So if not an upgrade, what can help? Just to format and which SSD?

The needs? Completely normal student work, the feeling that everything flows when working on the computer is important

Edited By eaaD
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It is a very simple board and can not be put in it Based .

For normal student work this computer should be completely rotated and if there is a slowdown it is probably at a software level that is interfering with the background or the computer is just accessing the mechanical drive too much for one reason or another.

I recommend trying to check the issue of using the mechanical drive, it would be very sucks to buy a new computer and connect the mechanical disk to it and then find out that it is the cause of the problem ... 

Quote of eaaD

So if not an upgrade, what can help? Just to format and which SSD?

 If you are still going to format your computer for the new board and processor, then format it now and see if it works before replacing the processor.

It is also possible (I do not know if I have said it already) to disconnect the mechanical drive and see if the computer moves faster.


You may find that the computer does not boot to the operating system at all when the mechanical is disconnected, which means that the bootloader is on it. (And it does not contribute to performance even if it does not explain daily slowness) 


As mentioned, I do not recommend you go this route right now but :

The old memory is supposed to work with new processors but will prevent them from getting the most out of performance. Since you do not really need CPU performance, it does not matter.


If you do not know how to do the job alone and at such a level that there will be no damage, I recommend considering replacing the entire computer.

For the replacement of the parts will take you money, for the computer train do not take.

Sell ​​your old computer without a video card and buy a new computer with a new case and a new vendor. So too will you have a front C tape. 


MSI B560M PRO WIFI is a board that costs about 600 NIS. It has what you asked for.

Intel i5 10400F is a processor that costs about 700 NIS. Must have an external video card (you said there is).

I was a matchmaker for the above High quality NVME based in a volume of 1 tera at a cost of 500-600 NIS.

16 Giga of 3200 MHz is another 300 NIS. 





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Thank you so much for this detailed and quality response!


Is there a serious way to test your computer's accesses to the mechanical disk? In principle it should not be such that the operating system on the SSD, and the mechanical disk was just volume for space for games that no longer exist or such things

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I do not know how to explain to you how to receive 100% accurate condition. 

there is performance logs but it's complicated, there is a task manager that shows how many accesses have been to the drive so far since the computer was turned on but I'm not sure it includes everything.

There is a matter of sleep - if it is set to go into sleep mode after time X then every time one has to wake it up and this creates a very noticeable delay.


I think the simplest thing is to go for the obvious, maybe there are user folders sitting on it? Maybe it has synced folders on it Sitting on it?

I understand that a source is designed for games but over time material accumulates and then maybe by mistake a user who does not understand sets to put something on it that works permanently in the background. 


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