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Discussion Time Travel

Yoav Goldhorn

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It does not matter how it works, even theory does not.

If you go down to the level of the machine itself then I'm more interested in how it works.

Is it possible to return to a specific point in time only?

Will it be possible to choose what time to return?

Or will it be limited only for the last year?

Will it be possible to return from there or is it unidirectional?

I do not deal with calculations, as I said I'm not a mathematician.

I'm busy thinking about possibilities and scenarios and their deliveries, and so on.

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In a time line there is no such thing as present.

You speak from a human perception of time in relation to you.

I'm talking about time from a wider perspective.


The present is the current millisecond. If you take a point in time, let's say, 00: 00: 00: 00: 00, and you are on the same spot and do FREEZE or PAUSE or whatever you want to call it, you are in the present.

Time is relative, so the present exists.

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The present exists only in relation to those who live and experience it.

When you talk about a movie, for example, if you run it at a certain point and experience it, it has no "present".

It has a beginning and has an end and there are definite time points in between.

And every point of time has a past and a future.

I did not say that there is no present thing.

I said that when we talk about time lines, this concept is irrelevant.

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@ Artie

If you can give mathematical expression to any potential scenario of an event on the timeline, then you can travel wherever you want back and forth in time. In any other situation there will be a problem.

@ Squirrel

As far as reality is concerned, the present is the only time that exists, and precisely because of this, it is possible to travel on the axis of time because all future and Hebrew are happening now or in short, time is an illusion ;) .

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@ Squirrel

As far as reality is concerned, the present is the only time that exists, and precisely because of this, it is possible to travel on the axis of time because all future and Hebrew are happening now or in short, time is an illusion ;) .

Time is not an illusion.

Your body is getting old my friend.

And in the end we'll all die.

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Ahhh, great illusion : smile1:

According to this account, life is my darling illusion, they are drawn much less time than death, the person died for a time span of infinity less than one : smile1:

(The person is in a state of death for an endless period of time and lives for about 80 a year then what is the illusion and what is the truth here?)

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Everything is possible in our world and there are endless possibilities and new discoveries.

Something I thought about at the time, the Bible.

The Bible is one of the most fascinating books there is, the book can be said in every sense of the word.

In this book there is a certain truth and I will concentrate on what the future is written in the Bible,

After all, it is possible to find a cave that was inside the book with words and so on ...

If time travel theory does exist

My philosophy tells whether there is a condition that the book came from the future and not from the past as we think

Has the book come from the future to us so that we can learn our past / present.

According to our logic, only what is written can be read, but in the Bible there are cases that predict the future.

A kind of paradox.

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Yes, and Nostradamus also predicted the future::)

They all predict the "future" after it has already happened and take testimonies after the fact.

There was not yet one who truly predicted events in advanced

I've seen a lot of things in advance.

Such as hybrid radios, temperature protection valves, and many other things ... some are classified as security.

In addition, I also foresaw many disasters in advance, thus preventing them from materializing.

And ... I've seen artificial intelligence.

ahmad-tibi.jpg? 1241599935

And I predict that some people will smile at it.

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It's also a common opinion that you exist, but not a fact.

If you have nothing to say, you'd better shut up.

I know it's relatively old in this post, but I must say I was hurt

I just turned the person's attention to what he was saying sounded like a fact and he was not necessarily right, I did not want anyone to take his words as if this was a fact that someone had already proved.

You did not really say anything either, so I'd say you're a hypocrite

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It was not personal.

I have something cumulative against such statements.

Forgiveness and forgiveness.


Indeed, a true facade, I had a smile on my face!

Tell me, how will I die? When will it be? Will I marry? How will my wife look? How many children?

And if already infer73 mentioned Nostradamus, do you know other famous people who predicted the future? (And when I say predict the future I mean something like Nostradamus)

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According to Judaism, prophecy was given to fools.

I do not know what they mean by this saying (and I do not want to know), but I have my own interpretation.

Anyone who prophesies enough times to be recognized as a "prophet" must be a fool, because to predict the future is possible only in certain things on the basis of sufficient knowledge and true inspiration.

So those who prophesy much will end up making a lot of mistakes, so he is a fool.

The only people who succeeded in obtaining the status of a prophet even in their lifetime and / or after their death were those who formulated themselves vaguely and implicitly (or more).

All this is true, or not.

And I said it, or not.

At one time or another.

For certain things, and in general.

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I am aware that even the one with the complicated name was vaguely worded

But there are rare cases where people are right

Like the one who said every year the speed of the processors would double

I suppose if he had a little more knowledge he might have added "in the next X years at least"

In the meantime he was pretty close to the truth, but if that doubling had not stopped, I suppose it would stop at some point

beat that, Nostradamus

In fact, it seems to me that it opens a new door in this discussion, in case they have not started talking about it (I have not gone through the previous pages yet) - What about the future?

It's not exactly the subject of the cluster, but it's close

Theoretically, if we could germinate any part of the future, at least in some future future, it was a bit like a journey in time, and maybe we could change the future

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You can say that the future affects the past all the time, even without inventing a time machine.

The human brain itself is a virtual time machine.

So you can say to a certain extent that we look at the future quite a lot, and then we change it with the help of actions in the present, it is the past of the future we are aiming or avoiding.

But it is only philosophical semantics.

After all, we can not really change the past.

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