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Discussion Time Travel

Yoav Goldhorn

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You're not wrong (that's a little bit)

But to predict the future you will have to use probability. In other words, the future will only be one possibility. Let's assume that the probability that you or Artie will be the next response is greater probability than the one in the site, which in turn is more likely than the one who joined the site. Of those who do not have a computer at all will respond to the message.

Therefore, to a certain extent, the future is a fulfilled prophecy.


: Lol:[br]Published at: 11.08.2010 at 22: 47: 54

@ Artie

Of course we can change the past, according to our perception of the past, I know that here we enter into the laws of evidence but do not forget that the past was "judged" from the point of view of the Hawa, it has been said that history is written by the winners, the definitions of reality are very difficult on the collective side.

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Although physically we can not change the past (at this stage), but perceptually we can.

And it is said that history is written by the victors.

Distort the past to influence the future.

It also exists in the social / political / political sense.

And it also exists in each and every one of us within the brain.

There is a fine example of psychology, about the one who went fishing on the Yarkon in a boat.

I do not remember exactly but it goes something like this:

The water was filthy and smelly, and there was not even one fish because it was all Jippa.

It was unbearably hot that day, and the mosquitoes stung him incessantly.

When he returned home his wife asked, "Oh, Moshe, how was it?

It was a bit warm ... but the trees were peaceful nature, just me and the river, it was the best day I had.

He'd rather think about it this way, he'd rather she thought about it that way.

We closed !! Now that's what he'll remember.

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Like the one who said every year the speed of the processors would double

This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Lemur had enough knowledge to assess advances in microprocessors and processors, and the market was trying to meet the target. I'm pretty sure we could have gone even faster and certainly not at a steady pace.

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An "intelligent guess" on the aspect of the individual "probability" on the collective side, the person as a rather predictable society even though the individual is still "free" in his choice and right the past is in our memory and in the pars we give evidence. These are the things that will make it very difficult to travel time in existing technology.

Personally, I believe there may be a time travel in one way or another.

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According to Judaism, prophecy was given to fools.

I do not know what they mean by this saying (and I do not want to know), but I have my own interpretation.

Anyone who prophesies enough times to be recognized as a "prophet" must be a fool, because to predict the future is possible only in certain things on the basis of sufficient knowledge and true inspiration.

So those who prophesy much will end up making a lot of mistakes, so he is a fool.

The only people who succeeded in obtaining the status of a prophet even in their lifetime and / or after their death were those who formulated themselves vaguely and implicitly (or more).

All this is true, or not.

And I said it, or not.

At one time or another.

For certain things, and in general.

After the Temple was destroyed, prophecy was given to whips and babies. It has nothing to do with the recognition of prophets in their lifetime.

I will not bother to comment on the rest of the things in Beth. There is a celebration here, and there is no such place in the forum (If he has already been placed together with the Tharadim in the spirit of religion and faith).

As for Moore's law, he is not talking about processor speed, but about doubling the number of transistors.

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The principle of "time travel" with the speed of light is quite easy to visualize.

According to the diagram below:

In the first case, a two-dimensional case. If you have a car with a maximum speed of 100 mph and you want to get from A to B in a one-dimensional case

All your speed is on the same axis.

If you want to get to city C, this is already a two-dimensional problem when your maximum speed splits into two components when the component on the x-axis is smaller

Of the maximum speed and it will take longer to arrive.

In case B, also enters the dimension of time.

Our car has maximum speed C. If you are not in motion all your speed is directed to the timeline.

If you start moving in the three-dimensional world to your speed there is already a component both in time and space when the component in time is now smaller than that is

Time passes a bit slower for you from the environment.

The faster you go in the space of time moves slower for you, thus creating the effect of time travel forward

Because you move relatively slower than someone who moves in space at a lower speed than you.


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You always move in time forward and at the speed of light, if you move physically then your speed in the 3D space is subtracted from your speed in the timeline.

There is another trick that allows moving back and forth time 24 hours.

If we look at this map:


Say I'm right in the seam between the time zone + 12 and 12 I can take one step and I jump one day ahead and the other way I go back a day back :)

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I did not explain myself, the intention is how the journey was conducted in time, that is, materially, because I transport material (say the traveler) in relation to the material (place), so the question is where the transmitted material is contained? (In short how does time travel?)

What else happens to the principle of uncertainty from the point of view that the future can not be predicted except in a probability-only way? How (assuming that we overcome the problems of decomposing the material, moving in the time dimension and fitting it into its original form, Which is in the future) we can be sure we will land for the future we mean?

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You probably did not read / understand things that were said here before.

You do not sit in a chair in a cool time machine that tells you what time you want to get to, and then she breaks up and sends you

Take you somewhere else in time. You board a spacecraft that can fly at 99% of the speed of light, according to certain calculations you can know how long you need to fly

And come back to reach your target year. It's a journey in time without a return ticket.

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