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Discussion Time Travel

Yoav Goldhorn

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I imagined ,

Then the book shows the advantages that will make the traveler from the future in his visit in the past, I find it difficult to see the benefits of time traveler to the future from our time suppose, I think that if you can travel to the future the person will not be able to deal with the technology will be then and what about the evolution of man? In a few thousand years the environment will not suit people like us today, see for example a simple example from these days, the heat, today air conditioner is not a luxury goods ten years ago it was, you know what I mean?

The future may not be suitable for the human beings of the Hava, with the past. On the other hand, man has the ability to cope.

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There is another trick that allows moving back and forth time 24 hours.

If we look at this map:


Say I'm right in the seam between the time zone + 12 and 12 I can take one step and I jump one day ahead and the other way I go back a day back :)

You do not "jump" a day ahead of O_O

You are aware of the fact that these lines are quite arbitrary and that every meter of land has its own time, right?

You can not physically make a move and move to an area where time is yesterday or something.

Time is measured by the position of the sun relative to Earth. Not according to lines. You can not in one step move from a time zone of say 12: 00 to midnight time zone. It's just not true. As you move across the Earth at a single point in time, the rays of light reach you more or less and the time is measured.

If you want to make a step beyond the time zone + 12 you will reach the 12 area as a principle but the time in reality is still 12 +.

It is not Midnight at a certain time and in the middle of the day in NZ + 1,1.

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it's obvious.

Just as all the stars we see are "picture" of how they looked before some time (how long exactly - depending on their distance from us).

Just as we do not see an up-to-date picture of the sun, but a picture of 8 about a minute or so of the sun (this is the time it takes light to go through this distance).

Of course all this is good and good, once found (If Generally found) way to move faster than the speed of light.

As for whether a journey in time is possible or not ... Well, I do believe that it will be possible in the future (not because I have proof, but because I believe it will)

And I think how many times people in history have said that X is not possible and then proven to be possible

It is too big to "give up" on a time trip and to determine already that it is not possible.

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What do I look like to you, Ronnie?

No, I believe that in the future they will find a way to do it, just as they will find ways to do many things that we do not know how to do today.

As I have said - too many times in history have said that X is not possible, and today X seems obvious to us, so shame

To say things that in the future will prove to be absolute nonsense.

Given my signature (a link to a lecture by Richard Dawkins)

Do you really think I believe in nonsense like telekinesis or out-of-body experiences?

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And I am sure that before 300 it was strange to think that they would invent a machine that would be faster than a horse.

And before 150 a year it was strange to think that people would fly in metal birds from one side of the world to the other.

And before 100 a year it was strange to think of calculating machines that could perform complex calculations in a fraction of a second.

and the list goes on ...

Disqualify ideas out of hand because they seem unfounded, especially when these domains are so complicated that we are not really

Can even begin to understand them at the level of human knowledge today in the world, it is narrowing brain.

Note, I'm not saying at any point that I'm sure it's possible, or I have no doubt that they will come up with such a machine in the future.

But I do think it will be possible in the future, and even if it is not, it is too early to say it now to know for sure.

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