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Discussion of the Creation of the World


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The cosmic microwave radiation is radiation from the bang itself?

By the way in this program Professor Hawking spoke himself .. [Um more correctly the intergalactic instrument that has on it] ..

And explicitly stated that he was And colleagues Prove the theory ...

The intention here is to prove and not to find any findings.

Besides, I imagine that the people you mentioned here somehow worked with Hawking ... [I have no idea what years they worked / work exactly ..].

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

Know how the world was created.

Cosmic dust was scattered in the solar system, the sun made the dust circle around it, and slowly masses of this dust began to form, and after a long time the stars formed from this dust.

Discovery Science is constantly making plans for it.

Sorry for the very simplistic description but that's how I remember it. An image will explain it to you in the best way possible.

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Lol i have no idea.

Surely the sun was already a huge mass of hydrogen and helium that had been created by a big bang, and from the ignition of the bang it was still burning.

As I have said in another Thunder, the sun does not burn (there is not enough oxygen to burn it, and the helium is not burning at all).

What happens in the material is a nuclear fusion that results from the tremendous pressure inside it.

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