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Discussion of the Creation of the World


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What is the connection ?

There is evidence that the various dynasties in the Bible existed ... there is no connection to God, the great collection of stories of believers ..

Some say that the story of heaven is a metaphor for real life ...

DUDE What is this freak outburst?

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

Hey it's not a lame outburst as a whole I've proven faith Always Based on evidence ...

And that I am a proud believer!

OK. And who exactly invented God?

And do not tell me that God has always been there because I can say the same thing about the universe before the Big Bang and it's just as proof

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In the beginning, Steve Jobs created the dark and dark 2. And Steve Jobs saw that he was a bochat and he saw that it was good and it was evening and it was Sunday morning.

And Steve Jobs saw that a lot of companies were spending their personal computers and that they would not keep their sales. So he called Toby his engineers and said to them:

"Go out of the dark land and see what is there and come to me with the best ideas." His engineers went to the Xerox country and saw the gui there, and the gui would be pleased to see the Steve and Shaul engineers ask the governor of the Xerox country, "Are you going to market it?" And the governor of the Xerox country told them, "You're crazy, you see how you control this thing with a device that's called a rodent and looks like a dead rodent!" And Steve's engineers understood that they could use the idea and returned to it.

And Steve Jobs saw the goy and saw that it was good, and it was evening and it was morning and Monday.

And the universe of Amalek the Gaitseys will rise up and steal the gui and market it, but the true holy gui is nothing but Gui's soulless cocoon.

And Amalek the Gatesite will improve the golem and improve its appearance until the masses with the gui were fooled around this false prophet, and it was evening and morning 95.

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I can not, every word that comes out of people's mouth makes me more and more disbelieving in God ...

And my friend is trying to drag me to a seminar

It's just their side.

Hear both sides if you want to be objective.

And for the seminar ... depends on the rabbi.

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There are seminars that are a waste of time.

First-class lecturers, witty, talk about it, give support to their claims,

It is fun to listen to them and provide an answer to almost any question. But, there are the less good ones that are really a waste of time.

So be successful, hope you'll fall for a quality seminar and enjoy.

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God created the world. In my opinion, the stories of the Torah are a kind of metaphor for a life that needs to be financed by the metaphor. The world was created with the letter "B", meaning that it seems to me a home, a foundation, stability ... (Each letter has power and function, for more explanation click here http://maori.yerushalmi.co.il/Front/NewsNet/reports.asp?reportId=168648 ) Also the Torah scroll opens with the letter "B" Bereshit Bara .... Yet the first book also begins with the letter B in the beginning meaning its name. There is another 1001 proofs / logical things for the creation of the world by Gd on the Hidabroot site.

Regarding the question of how Gd was created? Which is past, present and future, here is the answer.


Read the article http://hidabroot.org/Site/ARDetile.asp?id=8357&Catogory=6&SubID=6861 And you will understand.

good week :)

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It was written in answer to the question the religious explanation ... really does not satisfy me = just an attempt to escape.

And in the long article ... OMG, I was in such lectures full of times. I was also at a yeshiva in Beit VaGan, where David is still with David and still does not. It just does not answer my questions.

Everything I read makes me doubt more and more, and anyway, the bit with the letters and the numbers is the dumbest thing there is, it's all a matter of symbolism [I invented?].

@ # @ # ^ @ # ^ @ ^ # @ $ ^ # ^ בעעעע ....

And if a table was called a chair? And a chair was called a table?

In short, that's nonsense. [On the threshold of an atomic cellphone].

Besides, I have to admit that the Bible has great interesting stories and lessons etc etc ....

And I personally take things from him to life, I would say that the best example is the Ten Commandments [well, at least for the 3 from which I do not relate at all].

Which I consider to be a moral legal process ... FFS, imagine a world without some morality.

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