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Gaming computer + development and general use Price of about 3000-3500

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1. What is the maximum budget? Is there an exception if necessary?

3000-3500 can be exceeded prefer not to and not by much

2. What useful computer (games, graphic editing, office work, HD content, for example), is there a specific example of a game or software?

Gaming - programming (unity + vs code) - basic daily use

3. Do you need peripheral equipment (eg keyboard, mouse, speakers And screen)?

144 gaming screen is not too expensive - ready to add extra money 

4. Is there a basic component that does not need to be included in the specification? (Eg Drive SSD Which already exists and can be added to the assembly)

I have 550w that can stay if the voltage is enough and an RX470 video card that might stay but I do not understand enough about it

5. How important is silent computer operation?

Not very

6. Is there a limit or preference for the physical size and weight of the computer, lights, etc.?

No - lights are nice in preference to looking aesthetically pleasing

7. Is there a need to include an OS / Office (preferably a preferred version) and / or a computer in the store?


8. Is there a preference to purchase the computer from a specific store? If you can not specify a residential area.

No - Ashdod area but can also collect from the central area

9. When is the computer purchase planned (it is highly desirable to request a specification shortly before buying)?

Soon but I can wait a bit

10. Are there any special requests regarding ports and connections (eg USB Type-C or FireWire)?


11. Is it important to keep the computer upgrade horizon?

Not an exaggeration but it would be a bonus

12. Additional notes, detailed and miscellaneous details:
1: Hot in my room most of the time so preferably he can cool himself down a bit

2: Not critical to me super high performance but not to freak out the second I have an open game and some chromium

3: Dust? Do not know how to explain it but try to prevent Beck from entering

4: Uses Wifi 


Thank you so much to all the helpers because my requests are very strange 😅

Edited By Radiostick
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This is not a rally budget for a programmable computer plus a video card if it should also include a 144 screen.

It is possible to use the existing video card (performance like 1650) but I do not see what the point is on the 144 screen if the card will barely scratch the 60 Fps.

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The best you can spend at this price. Does not include a screen and does not include operating software - which you did not specify if you need.

You will have to come to terms with - and pay for - with reality ... a screen you can find for about 900 shekels. FHD 144HZ I do not know if the card will keep up with the refresh rate at all.


Regarding the processor. It's just like "Price Holder" - that's about how the next-generation processor will cost ... (maybe another hundred shekels - unless the stores decide to be more pigs than they are today) and wait for it to hit the market sometime in November.


Regarding video card. Maybe it's better to search by hand 2. You will be able to find interesting things there.

About , I had to stick as much as possible to the budget ... so if you want to add another 200 NIS or so you can buy another 2TB HDD. But the small SSD is quite a must.

(Operating system you can buy for 150 shekels through 'legal supplier' companies)

Hope I helped.

Edited By Eric Perles
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I understand that the cheapest board that includes wifi was chosen but the b450 boards are not expected to get a BIOS with support for the new processors before January. It was more lucrative to build specs around the Intel 10400f that cost half but even that did not fit into the budget.

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Thank you very much everyone for the comments I realized that my expectations from the prices are clearly unrealistic .... 

If I want a video card that manages to carry 144fps but I do not want the most expensive card on the market, what would be my best option? 


In addition I did not explain that what I meant on screen is that I know it will cost a lot so I put it in a different kind of budget like this while the regular price or just for the computer itself. 


Thanks again for the help because as you can see I am not completely strong in this to the end

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It depends. 

Is screen resolution important to you? If you are content with FHD then maybe one of the new models that AMD will release will fit. (It is impossible to know that they have not been released yet but they are more tuned to this resolution in terms of price and performance accessibility.) And if you want a computer that will run 144HZ on FHD then your expectations are not so unrealistic. A computer worth 4000-4500 can provide you with 14 HZ.

 If you want to enjoy a good screen with at least 2K resolution and an IPS panel (more accurate and beautiful colors) and 144 HZ then you will also have to pay for a more screen (around 1600 NIS) and a video card around 3.4K to 4K NIS. and also And you also want WiFi (not that this is the problem is another point if trying to save every penny), it will cost significantly more the whole story.

Tachles is a computer that will run you an explosion (probably) in the coming years:


It is possible to replace the screen according to this specification:

It's already less good ... (I do not know how much the 3070 will run for the next medium - far over 2K at 144 HZ)

And again the processor only as a substitute. Intended for the next generation to arrive in November.

It really is systems (basically) "edge".


Edited By Eric Perles
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Do you really recommend to someone who wanted a computer for less than NIS 4000 a video card for more than NIS 4000? (Whose price when ordering from abroad is NIS 3000).

For FHD 144HZ you have to spend about 1000-1200 NIS on the screen, in terms of the computer if you want to play everything on the highest settings you will need a video card like the 3070 or one of the new cards of We will know more about them later this week and the rest of the computer should cost about 2500, for example such a specification with wifi adapter (another 100 shekels) + one of the new video cards will give you what you want and should come out total in the region of + -4500 (may take time until the price Of video cards will be balanced due to demand at launch).
If you do not want to wait and it is not critical for you to play everything on the highest settings you can add 1800 shekels to 5700 XT (highly not recommended as there is a very significant improvement in performance in the new generation that will probably be available in another month and in the meantime


category PRODUCTS Amount מחיר
Processors Intel i5 10400F / 1200 Tray 1 ₪ 689
Coolers for processors Arctic Alpine 11 Pro Rev 2 1 ₪ 47
Motherboards Gigabyte B460M DS3H 1 ₪ 383
Memories Apacer 4 16GB (8Gx2) 3200 Panther Golden w / Heatsink 1 ₪ 305
Enclosures Antec Case GX202 White Led 1 ₪ 186
Vendors for desktops Gigabyte 750W PFC Gold 80 + Modular G750H 1 ₪ 387
SSD disks A-DATA 480GB Ultimate SU630 SATA 3D QLC 1 ₪ 245
Total ₪ 2242


If in any case you have nowhere to increase the budget I suggest you stay with your current card until the new generation mid-level tickets come out and upgrade then.
In terms of future upgrade options, no motherboard you buy now will support future processors beyond the next generation of Which comes out later this week (and if you want to increase your budget you can buy it).

Edited By Moon-Mage
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a quote

Do you really recommend to someone who wanted a computer for less than NIS 4000 a video card for more than NIS 4000? (Whose price when ordering from abroad is NIS 3000).

I do not know what has been happening to my eye lately, but for some reason I read what he wrote :

'' If I want a video card, since I can carry 144fps, but I do No Want the most expensive ticket on the market What would be my best option? ''

I did not notice the one marked in red. I thought he decided to go all the way lol ...


Anyway do not know if I would compromise and give up (Still funny to say compromises on )

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