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Help buying a new computer


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My computer is dead, and I need a new computer, and I got to see specifications on the Internet, and I realized I did not have much idea.

That way, my budget is around 1800 NIS I can compromise a bit but not too much.

I want a 15.6 '' screen, a 500GB disk, preferably as light as possible

I don't need an operating system.

My uses are mostly office, internet, sometimes I process some pictures in Photoshop, and develop simulations in Metabal, but I will do the lectures on a powerful computer.

As far as I remember, my old computer, peace be upon him, had an I3 processor, his memories are good, and I intend to put those memories in the new computer, (this is a 4GB memory card, DDR3)

I saw several computers, and I have some questions,

1. What are the differences between the processors in terms of strength and working speed, I saw that there is That work at a frequency of 1.5GHz 'and there are those that work at a frequency of 2.5GHz, does this actively affect the working speed of the computer? If so, by how much?

2. I saw an HP computer, which costs around 1600 NIS, I asked people about it and strongly advised me not to go near HP, and in general it is better to buy only Asus computers, because all the other companies are not good. To this day I had a computer of , And had a great computer, so the review of not buying anything other than Asus is not clear to me. I understand there are better and less good companies, I would be happy to find something optimal in the budget I have.

3. How important is the warranty, is it worth investing 300-400 NIS in a 3-year warranty?

How important is this parameter?

I would love a quick answer, I need a computer for work, if you have any recommendations I would love to hear.

Thanks Aviv

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What happened to the current computer? Computers do not just "die".

1) Affects

2) Need to examine each model in detail but most of the cheap models of In their entertainment / basic series nothing.

3) It is very important that any small repair you want to do privately in the lab will cost you 300+ at a minimum, by and large you may not need to add another 300/400 because some computers just come in advance with a 3 year warranty.

The budget is a bit limited

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My daughter poured water on him,

And my wife tried to turn it on,

In the lab I was told the motherboard was gone

The question is how much does it affect and how much should you invest in it,

Today I will upload a number of computers I have been thinking about, I would love to have an opinion



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Here are some computers I saw in Zap, all specifications with similar hardware: I3 processor, 500GB disk, 5400RPM, 4GB memory, 15.6 'screen

I would love what you recommend better:

1. HP did not quite understand what the model name is, price: 1995 NIS〈=he

2. For Lenovo G580, price: 1800 NIS

3. HP 650, price: 1500 NIS

4. Del Westro 2521 Price: 1800 NIS

5. Asus A550, price: 1800 NIS

There are more, but let's focus on those, which is better?

If you have any further suggestions I would love to hear

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