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Help in choosing a university


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Well, kinda closed down on computer science (and not software engineering, or electrical). Now the question is where ... I'm really debating that -

cell- advantage: Close to the house, there is nothing like coming to the house and there is food available, laundry and everything is ready, just come and study. drawback: An open base atmosphere + a student experience is not something like "learning and home" like this.

polytechnic- advantage: The name grabs hard. The student atmosphere is a bit better than Tel Aviv, since everyone is in the dormitories. Disadvantage: aAnd a brain miracle, harder than other universities, who said there would be time to live? + Food is less available, and probably less quality from home. + Travel home -> A nightmare to Ashdod.

Beer Sheva- advantage: An excellent student atmosphere, all the students in those areas, dedicated pubs in the area, as in the Technion the atmosphere of such a "closed base" creates cohesion and socialization. A reasonable distance from the house (an hour and a half until there are trains) if ...

drawback: Rent an apartment (the most realistic option) sounds like a headache, although 5 is thin from the university but worry about shopping, payments, mishaps, household. Sounds like useless distractions. You also have to make sure that there is food available. (It's clear to me that everyone did, do and do it, it's not impossible and maybe not too bad, but it must be taken into account, after all the average title is critical).

I'm in trouble. What do you think? It's hard for me to decide.

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It is better to live outside the home, but with them there are pros and cons, I do not know if they are worth it, I wanted to consult you about this, from your experience.

From an inquiry that I did in the Be'er Sheva, it is better to rent an apartment since in some cases the hostels leave even higher than the rent!

The Technion is better than Dormitories without a doubt and it is also cheap (around the NIS 500)

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Be'er Sheva is preferable to the Technion. I do not think there will be anyone who will accept you from the Technion and not from Be'er Sheva. If there is such a company, you will not want to work there anyway because it will be a company of gray and tough people.

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The difference between the Technion and Be'er Sheva is not as significant as between the Technion and the college, for example.

During the crisis, graduates of the Technion did not find work either.

Apart from the studies you should also acquire knowledge on your own that you will not receive at the Technion. The knowledge you receive at the Technion and in Be'er Sheva is mainly mathematical knowledge and how the computer works, and it is known that it is very important but beyond that you also need to practice your abilities and learn on your own and then you can adapt to the jobs that require this knowledge.

You can be a Technion student with an average 101 but you do not know .NET for example, so they probably prefer someone with a lower average but with more relevant knowledge for the job.

Just as no one will ask you about your grades at school in a workplace like this, when you are more experienced, they will not care about your grades at the Technion, but rather do you have relevant knowledge and experience.

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I do not think that studies in the Technion are tougher than those of Ben-Gurion or Tel Aviv, but the Zionists are probably lower, but I do not believe that the studies themselves are much more difficult.

A major advantage of the Technion is student work during the degree, as Sargon said - an experience no less important than grades.

There are many high-tech companies (mainly in Haifa and Yokne'am) that employ students, and as long as you are with a good average (80 +) you will have no problem finding a student work in development and gaining experience.

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Thanks friends.

So that's quite true,

Reading from the internet makes it quite understandable that the public opinion is that it is less important for a university to choose from Top-4 in Israel (in Tel Aviv and Hebrew, when the Technion is a drop above all) but more than your average at the end of the degree. Take out 80 + and chances are you'll find a programmer job as a first job (and from there you'll gain experience and no one will care where you learned).

The question at the moment is whether there are actually enough options for a student job in the Beer Sheva area, although we know that the Shabak is the city of high-tech and cyber and blah blah blah, but I take all of this in a limited sense because I do not trust the advertising and advertisements in general. What happens in a cell? A student in a school for a student who works as a student from the second / third year is a common matter or a strange bird?

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Come to the Technion.

At least I can say as a student at the Technion that there is a good company and good conditions.

I am an electrician, but it seems that the students of the Palmach have enjoyed quite a large number of jobs in the last year.

Now at the side of evil - have changed the level of the instructor to Infi, raising the level of the course that was difficult before.

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