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How do I play in the 'Shul and Mines'?


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When will you learn that this is not the Minesweeper

Ila Shula and the mines ????

Like, the minesweeper makes no sense in sailing, but Shula and the mines make sense [like Oggy and the cockroaches]

And if we were already dealing with mines:



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Lol I didn't even know until I taught myself

Basically the game goes like this:

There are slots where numbers, or nothing, or mines can appear in each slot.

A left button is a click on the slot, a right button is a landmark [in a slot you suspect is a mine]

If you step on a mine, you lose.

Now, every block with a number must have a minus next to it [ie if there is a "1" block, a minus must appear in one of the 8 directions .... Now suppose you have two adjacent "1" and one slot Adjacent to it is "2" - which means that there is a mine adjacent to the two blocks of the "1" and to the "2" block and another mine adjacent to the "2" block, but not to one of the "1" slots [because otherwise adjacent to them One mines]

If there is a block that says 8, it means that all the blocks around it are mines.

If there is a block that has 6 written on it, it means that the 2 of the adjacent squares has no mines

And so on.

Play on the "begginer" at first, understand how it works, and move on to more difficult levels.

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