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Installing Linux MINATE MATE

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You tried and did not succeed - here it ends? If so, not for you

You should be ashamed of trying to hurt people's desire to learn to install and use Linux

And who stated that everything in Google is registered?

If this were true then there would not be a computer forum here claiming that all this information is in Google.

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You should at least spend some time researching and trying to solve something yourself. You do not want to contact us for every little thing you want to do right? Do not forget that in Linux, not everything is done in a click and a half.

If you want us to help you do the minimum and look for at least a few minutes in Google before you ask a question. Did not find a solution on Google? Open a discussion, ask the question, explain what you tried to do and what exactly did not succeed.

There are hundreds of discussions every day that in many cases are repeated questions and questions that have been answered dozens of times in other forums as well. A very good chance that if you take 2 seconds and write the question on Google you will come to a forum discussion here or some parallel forum with an answer to your question.

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Linux requires tampering, trial and error to learn. And it does not end with installation. Once you are on Linux, you are committed to your entire life in Linux to mess around, try and make a mistake. Trial and error mean - you did not succeed, you try again. If instead of trying again you get stuck, you will not be able to continue

You did not start this discussion from trying. You started looking for someone to install the system in remote control

This way you will not be able to move forward-and your effort is unnecessary. But I care more about the efforts of other members of the forum who will come to try to help. Each question is legitimate, and you can get answers and intentions - as I myself did at the beginning of this discussion. But when the first step comes out that you can not do the second, third, and so on, the problem you have is not specific. Forum members will not invest time every day, every hour, every minute, nor will they hold a virtual machine if the MATE CD is on standby when they themselves use other operating systems, to tell you what to click. These are the things you should find yourself as a condition that you can use Linux

The forum is intended for cases that Google does not answer. But it seems logical to you a situation where Does not answer _nothing_?

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I actually with the opposite approach I installed Linux toNo I'll have to deal with the computer (cleaning up anti-virus and anti-virus registrars). The only thing I'm dealing with on this computer is to make sure security standards go down and up-to-date.

The rest of the time I did things on the computer that interest me.

If you do not want to mess with your computer Install One of the Ubuntu or even Mint versions. And enjoy the computer. If you want something that does not come with the system and can not be configured with the system you will have to learn to deal with And with forums.

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Check your voice settings. (Usually) from what I saw in the systems Other) When you just installed the system, one of the channels like PCM or Main can be on Mute and that's why the sound does not work. Sometimes these channels do not appear by default and you'll need to go into settings to add them

If not, check the output of the commands:

sudo lspci - shows what the computer's specifications, including the sound model, as Linux sees it

sudo lsmod - Shows what drivers are running, so you can tell if the sound driver has risen, meaning that it is detected at the operating system level

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