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Motherboard for LGA 1151 bracket

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I'm interested in replacing my existing H310 motherboard with a Z390 / Z270 chipset so I can do a 6G Series K processor OC.

The problem is that all the boards I see with the LGA 1151 chassis, it is written that they support 8th and 9th generation processors, there is no mention of previous generations even though it is the same chassis.

The question is, will my processor be supported (6600k) or is there no such chance?

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If you have a 6th generation processor that can be speeded up (6600K or 6700K) then you need a Z270 or Z170 board, newer boards will not fit. If you want to be sure then the manufacturer's website of each board has a list Compatible, the board will not work with That do not appear in the list.


Since H310 boards have never supported 6th generation processors then you are probably wrong about the board you have today. In my opinion replacing a board just for a few percent improvement improvement you will get from overclocking is probably not worth it.

Edited By etal
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Indeed my mistake is the current H170 board

As for the improvement, I realized that it is quite easy to reach 4.5 GHz (3.5GHz base frequency), it is an improvement of at least 25% at a cost of 500-600 NIS (cost of a new / refurbished board).

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According to benchmarks I have seen the effective difference between the processors is about 10-15% (when comparing the two without OC) in favor of the new series.

The new processors have an advantage in terms of power saving and multi-core, not something that justifies the replacement of In addition (already another 300+ NIS)

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Quote of etal

A second ago you talked about upgrading to Z390 / Z270 boards. How did you intend to connect DDR3 there?

Get a compatible Z170 tablet today DDR3 May prove to be no easy task at all.


Newegg has a lot of refurbished boards that support it .

But I do not know how much I want to buy a new board.


Anyway if you already have a new processor then I will go for 3500X or something in style, cost of 700 NIS, Supports OC at a reasonable level (B550) another 600 NIS, Another 300 NIS at least. When this story can close at 600 NIS for a new / old board.

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