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Open or Braude computers?


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For a while I have been deliberating between these two institutions. My options are:

Braude - Software Engineering

Open Computer Science

I hoped you might be able to help and give me some more information.

The dilemma is between the two possibilities I mentioned for several reasons; I do not have the ability to move to another area of ​​the country (live in Haifa) and get accepted to the Technion. Well, I guess I just do not have it (happens, does not it?)

I've heard very good things about Braude (about other colleges), especially about the connections they have in the industry. To this nation, the Open University is ... a university (or a kind of).

I would be happy to hear your opinion.


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If you can learn at the beginning, learn about it.

What other information do you want?

Why open? I want to understand the advantages and disadvantages of one of the above.

A friend of mine knows a guy who has a degree in development (works at Intel) and he told her he would prefer to attend college (not mentioned reasons)

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Because in this field (and others), the Open is considered more in the market - and that is the most.

the open:

- Advantage: Because you learn courses on a very high level - these are considered very "sorting". There are employers who, for them, are important. (There are also those who think otherwise).

- Advantage: high level courses. In the end, the goal of learning is to learn and acquire tools. (Maybe there are areas where there is less, but with a flourish).

Disadvantage: You have to learn a lot by yourself. Not everyone is suitable, and it is not necessarily related to their level of intelligence.

Disadvantage: Social life is lacking. You do not have a "layer" as there is in more structured studies, university or college. In the end it is a collection of people who make a collection of courses. In some encounter again, in some larger no.

College Benefits:

- Advantage: social life. They are together a lot and most people buy friends for life. There are more activities of the Association, etc. (In my opinion it's a pretty significant advantage, but everyone and what he's looking for in life).

- Advantage: The studies are more structured and complete. In general, you go through most of the material in class and practice. You are not supposed to come across a test in material you have not encountered in class or practice.

- Disadvantage: Perhaps the level is lower (emphasis on the Holly). If in the end your goal is to acquire tools to help you at work, there is a chance that you will buy slightly less good tools.

Disadvantage: It seems that a small part of the employers will not be impressed by this line in the CV (for a smaller portion, it may not change or even be better).

The truth is, I would have chosen a college. In my opinion, studies are not limited to courses only. But this is my opinion and my way and I can not say that this is some absolute truth. There are certainly significant advantages to the second way too.

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As someone from the open year 6 in the cultivator. Do not do it to yourself. The title of the Open is intended only for people with experience who make it parallel to work or children of 14 geniuses.

Sixth year? O_

Say, did you know the subject before you started studying?

To what extent are the studies truly independent?

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