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Recommended Games for Android


Recommended Posts

Air Penguin

price: free

Description: In this game you play a penguin, who tries to cross Antarctica to return to his beloved. The game is a game of stages and control is tilted by the Tilt. At each stage you have to jump from platform to platform Drum to evade various obstacles and collect goldfish with which we can buy different things.


Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

price: 1.86

Description: In this racing game there are different types of racing, different upgrades for your car as well as car customization capability. There are many vehicles you can purchase as you progress in the game. Multiplayer mode in which you can play against players from around the world or alternatively against players WiFi.

There are many different options for controlling the game, from tilting the device to clicking on one side of the screen.


Fruit Ninja

price: Free / 4.79

Description: In this game you have to cut fruit by sliding your sword (= finger) on the screen.

The goal is to cut as many fruits as possible, avoid hitting bombs and gaining points.

There are three game-

Classic: You have 3 disqualifications and unlimited amount of time;

Zen: You have a minute and a half cut as much fruit as possible, no bombs;

Arcade: You have a minute to cut as many fruits as possible and three types of bananas to help you do so.


Speedx 3D

price: free

Description: In this game, you must avoid obstacles in your path by tilting and rotating the tube.


Cut the Rope

price: 3.72

Description: In this puzzle game you must bring the candy to create hunger while collecting stars, cutting ropes and using the other aids.



price: free

Description: Cordy is Small with a big task - to charge his world with electricity. Help Cordy jump, run, push, pull, lift and throw in his magical three-dimensional world.


Angry Birds

price: free

Description: In this game you must direct the different birds with the slingshot to the evil pigs and you must destroy them and return the stolen eggs. Each bird has different abilities and each stage you will have to face new challenges.


Free Heroes 2

price: free

Description: Anyone who misses the game of Heroes of Might and Magic II can now enjoy it on mobile.

The first time you start the game you will be asked to download the demo version of the game from the Internet. If you happen to have the original game files, you can transfer them to your device and enjoy the full game experience.

The game requires tinkering with settings to make it comfortable to use, but it is well worth it.

In the game you play a hero, Lou Private and castle. You must advance on the map of the game, develop the hero, the army and the castle, and fulfill the purpose of the specific map (find treasure, defeat all enemies, etc.).


Gem Miner

price: Free to the basic version, there is also a paid version (7.99 ₪)

Description: In this game you play a nice old miner and navigate it through the tunnels that dig your way to the wealth you will gain by mining minerals and finding treasures.

Although the game is very simple at its base and the graphics are not spectacular, but it provides hours of enjoyment. Who would have believed that manual labor could be so enjoyable?


Scrambled Net

price: free

Description: This is a puzzle game (/ thought) based on a simple idea (and Giki) - you must rotate the different tiles and connect all the computers to the grid. The game has four levels of difficulty, and it reaches a very challenging level. I spent many hours of waiting with him or just moments of boredom, sometimes playing puzzles is just what you need.


Plants vs. Zombies

price: 11.59

Description: In this strategy game you must prevent the evil zombies from invading your home by using no more than 49 zombie-plants-zombie-plants, buying and planting plants that cost you sunflakes, which you get when killing zombies and at the end of every zombie wave. Is based largely on Tower Defense games, and when the zombie apocalypse arrives, do not forget to stop the crackdown and buy some seeds.


Where's My Water?

price: 3.71

Description: This puzzles game was created by And it features unique and spectacular graphics and fun music. It uses a unique physical engine that gives a surreal and unforgettable gaming experience.

In the game you must lead the water to the Swampy Crocodile so that you can enjoy a warm bath somewhere deep in the dark sewer. Since the ninja turtles did not look like such an action in the sewers! When transporting the water you will have to pave the way for them and avoid obstacles such as acid and algae and collect items like rubber ducks (who does not like them?). Overall there are ten worlds in the game and 200 steps in total.


Snake '97

price: free

Description: A game that tries to recreate the original Snick experience - Pelephone (With buttons!), A black-green screen and one line that is supposed to represent an insatiable snake.

warmly recommended.


Temple Run

price: free

Description: A fast-paced racing game in which they play a temple explorer / robber of Indiana Jones style treasures and escape monstrous monarchs who try to kill you (what is not clear in "Do not take the figurine or die" ?!). You have to bend down, turn and jump and collect coins and bonuses. With the coins you collect, you can upgrade the bonuses during the game and open more imaginations.

Slide your finger up to jump, down to bend, right to turn right and left to turn left. Tilt the device left and right to move from side to side. Beware of fire traps, twigs and water turns.


World of Goo

price: 20.00

Description: In this game (one of whose creators is Israeli by the way) you are in a surreal world and you have to build structures from Goo Balls and reach them at the pump at the end of the stage, which will pump the balls and pass them on to Go World. The game simulates the laws of physics and the real world and requires original thinking at every stage to pass the stages. There are different types of balls and you will have to think carefully how to combine them to get through the stage.


Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

price: 26.28

Description: In Gameloft's best tradition, this is an imitation, in this case, a COD imitation.

The plot is reminiscent of COD2, good control, excellent graphics, and generally worth playing.


AirAttack HD

price: Free Lite version, full version on 10.00

Description: This is one of the best arcade / action games you'll find for Android and is actually a direct continuation of Shoot 'em up games. The game oozes quality from all sides - the 3D graphics are amazing and the sound is addictive. The game is a vertical scrolling game in which you just shoot the whole world and his wife, that is to say, on the enemies, move your plane by dragging your finger on the screen, avoid shooting enemy planes and neutralize ground targets 3 missions in the free version 24 Types of different enemies 2 Types For control, 3 has difficulty levels and a significant amount of upgrades.


Guerrilla Bob

price: 11.21

Description: This is an impressive, high-quality shooting / action game in which you play Bob, the tough tough guy you do not want to mess with. As you can guess someone has messed with him. With the prestigious cigar in his mouth, the elegant mustache and the military cap he goes to war on everything that moves.

At every stage you will face a whole new map and new enemies - from simple soldiers, psychopaths with electric saws to lunatics to tractors that are only trying to run over you.

The game will be controlled by two joysticks that appear on the screen - one moves the character movement and one adjusts the weapon.

As in any game in the genre, you can collect various bonuses and bonuses (like the possibility to shoot each time two balls) and new weapons (who asked for a bazooka or flamethrower and not received?).

The graphics? The pictures speak for themselves and every unnecessary word.

The game also has a multiplayer cross-platform mode for playing with friends.


Killer Bean Unleashed

price: free

Description: In this game, which ridicules quite a lot of action games and movies, you will play Killer Bean - Killer Bean. Yes, yes - beans. Paul if you will. Killer Bean worked for Shadow Agency - the shadow agency as an assassin. Everything was good until they tried to kill him one day. Of course he decided to embark on a campaign of vengeance and destroy them, they are anyway the bad company.

At each stage you will have to destroy different beans and face the various tasks that will be presented to you.

Control of the game is done with two displacement queues (left and right), jump button and shot button.


Reckless Racing HD

price: 7.46

Description: This is a unique field racing game where the angle of view is from above, but not 2D or first. The versatile control system enables the development of a high skill in precise division along the routes, allowing for a tangible and fun interaction with the surrounding scenery. The game features 8 tracks that are invested and filled with incredible details.


GnarBike Trials Pro

price: Free, Pro version of 5.99 Paid

Description: The game gives you control over a motorcycle rider who, instead of competing in silly competitions, is trying to survive the tracks you will have to pass. If you succeed, he will live. Will fail and his fate will be the same as the fate of crushing dolls. The model of the game is quite familiar and has been realized many times before. The graphics and sound will not drop any of your legs. However, these games of the genre are the most successful. Who remembers the games of the nineties? They had impressive graphics? No.

Stabilize the cyclist, the iso and slow, and most importantly - found the balance between taking risks and calculated control.

The paid version offers more steps, more obstacles and removes advertisements.


Trial Xtreme 2

price: Free, full version costs 7.50

Description: This game is quite similar to the previous list in terms of general idea and gameplay - to control a motorcycle rider through an obstacle race. Unlike the previous one, it presents much more spectacular graphics.


Gunman Clive

price: 15.99

Description: Time: The 19 century. The place: the Wild West. You: Gunman Clive.

The West is full of criminals and bandits. Some of them kidnap Mayor Johnson's house. Only you can save her. So why waste time?

The game presents unique and captivating graphics, unlike any other. You play the good guy in this shooting / adventure game and during the various stages (six did a number) you must defeat your enemies, jump and shoot and finally save the maiden.



Overkill: Space Shooter

price: 9.87

Description: A side scrolling game where you must fight and slice your way through swarms of enemies. Upgrade your weapons and defeat the bosses.


Prehistoric Journey run & jump

price: free

Description: This is an arcade game in which you play Abama (absolutely nothing to do with Obama) - a prehistoric cave man on a journey with good intentions, a nose in his nose and a hairstyle that will not embarrass the people of the eighties. The game oozes from the classical atmosphere of old games - it has rich and colorful graphics, Retarded and stupid target. In the game you must move left and right by tilting the device, collecting fruit and releasing your buddy parrots from their cage by jumping on them (clicking on the screen). Rayman something. There are also some evil enemies, such as turtles and a kind of slugs (which move really fast to be noted), which you must jump on too.


Riptide GP

price: 7.99

Description: A racing game with one simple goal - forever. Take your sea biker to a wild "shit" through winding canals, rivers, cities and various research facilities. Challenge your motor skills through flowing water flows. Set obstacles to your opponents, collect special objects, perform stunts and accumulate additional points. Win the twelve tracks that mimic you and experience the six available jet skis. Play in three different game modes and most importantly - leave the competition dust. Or water.



price: Free, full version on 3.71 ₪

Description: Puzzles where you must use the advanced teleportation skills of the robot you are playing in order to go through stages and solve the puzzles. DB42 is a trash can, but his friends call it Deeby. Debbie knows he has a higher purpose than collecting garbage, and he has finally been approved by the boss to prove himself. Someone said WALL-E?


Another World

price: 9.86

Description: A new adventure game that was first published in 1991.

You play the character of Lester Knight Chaykin, a young physicist who, while engaged in various experiments, lightning strikes his laboratory and destroys it to the ground, and Lester is sent to another world, a world populated by humanoids, a world in which the danger may arise at any moment.

You must escape the strange world, before it is too late ..

You will meet with a covenantal ally, who will turn into a companion and help you in the merciless war you have encountered.



price: 7.78

Description: Imagine a strange world, wondrous and far away. Say no. And to say that in this island there is a constant struggle of the forces of light against the shadow forces. A lighthouse was built to illuminate the island and keep the shadow creatures away. Imagine that the crystal that powers the lighthouse is exploding and its fragments are scattered all over the island. Darkness and shadows take over and only you can pick them up and return the light. It will not be easy, you will have to use all your tricks and powers, but this is the only option. GO!


Samurai II: Vengeance

price: 9.29

Description: Daisuke was sent on a vendetta in the wartime countryside. From a fisherman's village, a flying castle and the island of the dead, the determined Samurai will not stop until he achieves his goal and kills the super villain Orochi. Will he get his revenge?

This is an addictive beat game with excellent graphics where you have to slice with your sword everyone you encounter.


Flight Control

price: 11.21

Description: Keep the sky safe And prevented collisions. In this game you take control of the planes above the airport, which seems to be flying monkeys. All you have to do is create landing lanes for the various planes and bring the passengers home safely. Sounds simple? Yes, for a while. They ordered order in heavenly chaos and tried to prevent a fireworks show in the sky.


MX Moto

price: 7.46

Description: Another motorcycle game in which you have to go through the various tracks, avoid the pitfalls and do various stunts to earn more points.


Tank Hero

price: free

Description: Fight the labyrinthine labyrinths and become the generals of the tanks!

This is a fast 3D game in which you must defeat your enemy tanks with different weapons.


Draw Something

price: 11.66 ₪ (There is also a free version)

Description: On this game has been lost cologne, but worthy to mention it. It's a social drawing game, where you play in pairs - with people you know or people you've found by chance. Each in turn chooses a word out of three and must draw it. The second player should guess what the word is. Quite simple.


Gun Bros

price: free

Description: If you want to blow something up, or someone, this is the game for you. The game tells about a pair of brothers with an easy finger on the trigger, the last in the entire universe that can stop an intergalactic crime organization from taking control of the galaxy. Each time you will beat one of the brothers and you will be able to use a huge variety of tools , Artillery, defense measures, explosions and upgrades. Each stage is another planet in the galaxy that needs to be cleared from the bad guys. At the end of each stage you will receive points that can be converted to upgrades for weapons and shields. Control of the player is performed by two virtual controllers on the touch screen.


Paper Toss

price: free

Description: A simple game in which you have to throw paper balls into the trash can in the drowsy office. The evil fan will try to defeat you, forcing you to adjust in the direction of the evil spirit of the fanatic fan. An injection is performed by sliding your finger on the screen.


Hyper Jump

price: Free, full version on 7.46 ₪

Description: A jumping game in which you control a cute figure who collects coins on her way to the top of the world (never ending). Coins will jump you up. Bonuses on the way will give you special abilities like jumping higher, magnetizing coins and making them as light as a feather. Tilt control.

There are several characters to choose from, one cute one, and a number of spectacular wallpapers (in a paid version).


Abduction! 2

price: 7.99

Description: Jumping game where you control an animal (cow at first) and jump from platform to platform until the aliens take you. The game is simple and good. There are several different game modes with different goals.


Slice It!

price: free

Description: It is a challenging puzzle game where you have to cut shapes into a number of defined pieces by using a set number of lines, which is very easy at first, but gradually becomes very challenging. The game is sometimes a little frustrating, because a high level of accuracy is required in some cases.


Flick Kick Football Kickoff

price: free

Description: A game kicks the gate, just like that. Noteworthy is the unique artwork and the Hartko atmosphere of the design. Oh, and there are also bullets that go up in flames.



price: 18.72

Description: This is not a game, though an emulator for the first PlayStation system from home .


Gameboy Color AD

price: free

Description: Game Boy Color Emulator .


Traffic Rush

price: free

Description: A small, cute and successful game where you have to keep the roads safe. They promised that all vehicles would pass by speeding up and stopping them.


Train Conductor 2: USA

price: 6.99

Description: At the base of this game is a simple goal - to lead trains to their destination. There are several separate tracks on the screen and you have to channel the trains each to the appropriate track, without creating accidents. What distinguishes this game from the rest of the transportation games is the amount of game types. Every city in the game has a different gameplay, different trains and different rules. If you like redheads, trains or good games, it's for you.


Game Dev Story

price: 10.61

Description: The goal in this game is to run a game company in all its levels and develop a game that will sell millions. First you have to hire programmers, designers and people And develop their skills. As they gain skill, you can choose additional genres and new content. You can develop your own gaming console, and even make a career transition for your future. This is one of the most refreshing management games ever seen, thanks both to the captivating graphics and the healthy sense of humor of the game.


Radiant Defense

price: free

Description: This is a Tower Defense game where you have to defend your fortress and prevent the aliens invading it. Up to here everything is standard. But this is not the case - this game comes in neon colors. And everyone knows that everything looks better in neon. The game is particularly challenging, and although it is free, some weapons and some extras cost money. Theoretically you can go through the game without spending a dollar, but it will not be easy. Without using a wise strategy, you will not succeed. Not recommended for people with epilepsy.


Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

price: 12.99

Description: If the previous game was Tower Defense, this is the opposite game Tower Tower. Here you have to lead companies of soldiers, tanks and every other cool thing to destroy the bastards of the evil aliens who have decided to settle in the heart of the city. Buy the companies, plan the route and finish them !!!!!!


Battleloot Adventure

price: free

Description: In a fantasy world where the only thing bigger than a knight's heart is his head (literally), there is a turn-based RPG game that combines captivating graphics, battles, roles, adventures and a healthy sense of humor. The game will take you on a journey to the heart of Kameloot, a rich kingdom of all good which unfortunately is also threatened by unmanly monsters, murderous missionaries, dragons, fire spiders and dragons.


Dungeon Village

price: 18.46

Description: From the creators of Game Dev Story, in this game you manage and develop a city, build and destroy, hire knights to fight monsters in dark basements and ruins, conduct events that increase the popularity of your city and improve your city. The goal - to make the city the best city in the world.


Grand Prix Story

price: 18.00

Description: From the creators of Game Dev Story and Dungeon Village, in this game you will become a racing team manager and you will have to explore, tune and find components, accept and cancel sponsorships and guide your team to the great victory.


Defender II

price: free

Description: Tower defense game where you have to protect your wall, increase levels and improve your magic and attack capabilities, new version added new things you can improve and the possibility of multiplayer where you can play against another person through the network.



price: free

Description: Free first-person shooting game (FPS) where we kill zombies. Each stage that passes entitles you to, Money and sometimes even gold with which we can buy weapons, equipment and upgrades. The player can carry up to four different weapons and equipment and the weapons are also upgradeable. The player includes major tasks, arcade mode and bonus missions. Control is very good when you get used to it. There is also the possibility to buy silver and gold with real money.


Angry Gran 2

price: free


You play a grandmother who with a certain object hits people and objects to get as much money as possible. The blow will be done by clicking on the screen in an attempt to fill the intensity meter as much as possible. The game includes the weapons from the first game and new weapons such as guitar, magic wand, golf stick and more. There are also various costumes you can buy. The game has three modes (as opposed to the first game that included only one):

Classic mode - You can also call infinite mode, where the stage will continue until you exceed the limit of the money and disqualify (the only situation in the first game). Each stage will be marked with a flag and each flag you pass will increase the pace of the game. The steps also include an obstacle in the form of a policeman who, if you hit him, will be shut down for a few seconds and you will not be able to hurt anyone. In addition, if you do not harm anything, it will take a few seconds for Granny to recover from the blow. If you do not hurt anything when it is full for Grandma it will take a little longer to recover.

Zombies mode - This is also an infinite state only with zombies. The other difference is that you have to hit every zombie that passes and if you miss one, you will lose it. There is no upgrade here .

Normal mode - Similar to classic language only there is a limitation of the Checkpoints, additional obstacles, different cities. Your progress will be maintained in a normal and classic state.

You can also upgrade the three capabilities of the grandmother, each of which has five levels:

Force - How much power is invested in Mecca.

discount - reduces the limit of money between stages.

התאוששות - Reduces the recovery time from an "empty" hit or an obstacle.

There are also "reinforcements" that can help you like extra power to power, extra money for every injury, and more.


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Modern combat 3: fallen nation

In Gameloft's best tradition, this is an imitation, in this case, a COD imitation.

The plot is reminiscent of COD2, good control, excellent graphics, and generally worth playing.

World of goo-

There is no point in exaggerating the words, the game exists on every platform there is. You have to build different structures to bring the balls to the desired pipe.

Addictive levels.

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I added to my head (I would not want to have it here as with recommended software, I concentrate everything in my head), thank you. I already had World of Goo ready for recommended games at (Does anyone want to revive the discussion? ;) ), I left a retard that I did not put here either. do not know why...

Can you please download the pictures, of the confuse the eye?

And again,

: - *

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I do not remember the prices, but I recommend only the best I have played except the one mentioned earlier.

flight control - a fun game worth the investment. Not boring even after a very long time.

gun bros-action for those who want to get some nerves (the game is pretty heavy)

tank hero - just a pleasure. Just as much fun.

draw something-borderline (some do not like drawing)

mx moto- I do not remember how much it costs, but it's really fun (reminiscent of the two-dimensional game that was in the 90).

It has a few bugs, but it does not harm gameplay. (Those who do not concentrate on small things will not notice - physics sometimes creates problems.)

A lot of games have been mentioned before, and many more are not good enough for me to add them.

Lately I have not had a chance to play with my cell phone (I'm more focused on the issues of forums - tapatalk), but I'm happy to share some of my experience.

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:) I'm not really strong in descriptions

A dim game in which you must escape scary creatures

A novelty to the old adventure game another world

A thinking game where games That obstacles must be overcome

A game similar to the old prehistorika where you have to collect fruit and help release the trapped birds

For marine sports lovers. Sea Racing Games

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