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Recommended Games for Android


Recommended Posts

For those who love TD games I really enjoyed the recent from Radiant defense

The game is free, you can purchase weapons packages and new technologies with money, but it is not mandatory,

And without purchasing the extensions of the weapons packages it is possible to pass (theoretically) all the steps ... I personally stuck in mission 7 for a week already

The fact that it is difficult to go through the stages with the base weapon package (but possible!) Makes it a fun challenge.

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Recommend all games of Kairosoft (those behind Game Dev Story), are geniuses. Right now I'm addicted to Dungeon Village, A really really good game and there are also Grand Prix Story their. It's great for people who like social games (like on Facebook) but hate the tricks they try to do to you with a limit to how much you can play and the pressure to order (hang out and destroy relationships with) people and convert real money into virtual money. All those "developers" who try to make money and do not care about sailing do fun.

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Rage of Bahamut This card game (anime style) online in the form of a browser (can be played only with Internet access) is very popular in the world and also free with over one million users

(You can pay with money to buy packages of rare cards, but you can get them in other ways in the game).

The deck game itself can contain up to 5 cards (this does not mean you can only hold 5 cards in the collection) and it is used only for battles against other players and you do not really play with the pack, the battles are automatic, but it does not hurt the experience.

The interest in the game is more about the emphasis of collecting cards and improving them in all kinds of ways.

The cards you get can be improved (with the proximity of another card) to strengthen them and raise them to the level or develop them

If you have the same card several times, then not only will your card be stronger, it will also design.

There is a QUEST system in which you can get treasures (complete a collection and get a rare card), money of the game (you can improve and develop cards) and especially new cards.

If you want to start the game with 50,00 Rupies (the money of the game and a pretty nice amount to start with)

(You can not easily get it in another way), you are welcome to put the code in this turn right after you finish the tutorial:


It's only if you are interested in a better start, the total of both of us benefit from it.

Please note that this code can not be added later in the game.

Free download:

If you have questions, look for me in the game, the same nickname and I will be happy to guide you.

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Defender II

price: free. You can buy points with money.

Description: Tower defense game where you have to protect your wall, increase levels and improve your magic and attack capabilities, new version added new things you can improve and the possibility of multiplayer where you can play against another person through the network.


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Free first-person shooting game (FPS) where we kill zombies. Each stage that passes entitles you to, Money and sometimes even gold with which we can buy weapons, equipment and upgrades. The player can carry up to four different weapons and equipment and the weapons are also upgradeable. The player includes major tasks, arcade mode and bonus missions. Control is very good when you get used to it. There is also the possibility to buy silver and gold with real money.


Angry Gran 2 -

You play a grandmother who with a certain object hits people and objects to get as much money as possible. The blow will be done by clicking on the screen in an attempt to fill the intensity meter as much as possible. The game includes the weapons from the first game and new weapons such as guitar, magic wand, golf stick and more. There are also various costumes you can buy. The game has three modes (as opposed to the first game that included only one):

Classic mode - You can also call infinite mode, where the stage will continue until you exceed the limit of money and disqualify (the only situation in the first game). Each stage will be marked with a flag and each flag you pass will increase the pace of the game. The steps also include an obstacle in the form of a policeman who, if you hit him, will be shut down for a few seconds and you will not be able to hurt anyone. In addition, if you do not harm anything, it will take a few seconds for Granny to recover from the blow. If you do not hurt anything when it is full for Grandma it will take a little longer to recover.

Zombie Mode - This is also an infinite state only with zombies. The other difference is that you have to hit every zombie that passes and if you miss one, you will lose it. There is no upgrade here .

Normal - similar to classic only language has a limitation of Checkpoints, additional obstacles, different cities. Your progress will be maintained in a normal and classic state.

You can also upgrade the three capabilities of the grandmother, each of which has five levels:

Force - How much power is invested in Mecca.

discount - reduces the limit of money between stages.

התאוששות - Reduces the recovery time from an "empty" hit or an obstacle.

There are also "reinforcements" that can help you like extra power to power, extra money for every injury, and more.


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An arcade game where you escape from someone chasing you and using parkour elements to avoid obstacles.

In my opinion there are still a number of problems with the graphics engine of the game because the bugs are not structured but otherwise very fun.

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