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Amazon Celebrates 20 Year at 15.07, upcoming promotions are greater than Black Friday


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Thanks, we updated the The guide

We opened two discussions on the subject to make some order (going to be a mess according to what seems):

We will be very happy if you share everything you find and it is interesting (I myself with my wallet pulled out and finger on the trigger) : rolleye0018:

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Black Friday had very good promotions on simple laptops such as Lenovo G50 and the like. Let's see what happens now. Meanwhile there is no laptop or smartphone.

- - - Unified response: - - -

Incidentally, the article in the article has duplicates - the assumption on the Kindle has already become clear and on the headphones. And a typographical error copied from me in a word ...

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The Crucail SSD is good? Or are there any better in this price range? I want to buy a new stationary computer in the near future maybe worth ordering out the item?

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