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Amazon Celebrates 20 Year at 15.07, upcoming promotions are greater than Black Friday


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I have amazing stories with Amazon's own service.

The two most prominent:

I once ordered a tablet for someone who was about to fly back to Moscow and reached another tablet by accident. There was not enough time to return the product and only then to order a new one before the flight, so Amazon immediately refunded the money so I would buy a new one And left the old. Not only that, but LG divides that tablet with 32GB SD, in which case it came without, so I got 30% refund ...

Another story. I recently invited Lenovo T440 to connect to an Amazon store that does upgrades (for example, they buy from Lenovo without , Make up their own and sell cheaply when they are responsible). The computer came with no HDD . I called Amazon and explained that the order was made within frame, so the shipment was a two-day fast delivery and free. Now I've had the experience and can not order the new one so quickly. I'll spend a week for nothing. Instead I received as a free prime compensation per year (value of 100 $) ...

Not talking about the many times they give back a normal product that is open and used only because you do not like it / does not fit your hardware and more.

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