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Water cooling for card 3080


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Hello friends.
I intentionally post the ink here because it is more related to cooling than to the video card itself ...

I'm looking for a 3080 card that will fit on one of EKWB's coolers.
How can I know which of the coolers these Suitable for video card this או this (And are they even recommended?)


Emphasizes that the stock cooling of the card does not really interest me (it will probably be replaced) and also squeezing every drop of performance is not so interesting to me.

Why is it important to me that the card be reliable (after the first wave of reports of cards crashing under load - because of the cheap capacitors on the back of the card?)



How to cool this?

A bit daunting to buy things like this from Mali Express ....

Anyone know this brand and can give a recommendation (or dis-recommendation)?


Thank you in advance for helpers.

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Quote of the captaincaveman

By the way, another thing that is important to pay attention to is the size of the block. I gave up some of the tickets because their block was too high for my pack.

"Block size is too high" Do you mean in terms of the thickness that the card takes up in the PCIE slots?

But anyway you take down the giant stock cooler and there block Thin water. I have not seen cases where it comes out more than 2 slots ...

And also the thinnest tickets with Stock takes up 2 slots ...

Or am I missing you?

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Quote of the captaincaveman

The XL turned around a bit more than the regular version in this segment.

Why XL by the way? It is significantly larger.

First of all, due to the availability and stock issue of the components (Nomadia graphics card and AMD processor) I had to wait with the order until there was stock. So I'm not locked into anything.

I chose the XL because it gives a little more operating space inside but its dimensions are not that much larger than the regular version

450mm x 450mm x 275mm Normal front

(D) 471 x (W) 285 x (H) 513 mm for the XL version

It's a few inches on each side.

The price went into my budget.

He may not have been my first choice but he was my first choice available in the country! :)


Additional suggestions are welcome as I take advantage of this waiting time to get new ideas and designs of final specifications.

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