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When is the hard disk of the world going to die?


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Can anyone here who is strong in the field appreciate when we will start to see the SSD start to overtake it in a round?

And are there significant drawbacks like longevity or perhaps speed?

And another half-related question that intrigued me ... Is it possible to BOOT and actually install From DISK ON KEY?



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Answer such as in about X time will not give you here

It will take quite some time for an SSD to prove itself better in every respect than the mechanical disk

when will it happen? Do not think that even the developers of the discs know

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The mechanical hard disk will die on a day that will be just as cheap to produce a replacement Faster in size that would already make the hard drive worthless for anyone.

Maybe 5-10 years, and maybe just in the next technology revolution that will bring something new like biotechnology.

Have an idea A fiction that may one day become a reality, a crystal of information.

True we all know this from Superman and all sorts ... let's think about it for a moment.

Information crystal can not be (at least in the near term) a replacement for hard disk or , But it can be a library of information in mass distribution.

With the help of a crystal design that will refract light coming from different directions and read the light created from the other side you can save a lot of information and the speed at which this information is read is at a speed that you can translate the light into a digital signal (almost the speed of light).

A processor can also be made through a crystal :o.

There is no higher speed than the speed of light and therefore the use of crystals (for that matter also glass) may one day become a reality.

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I understood the theory more or less, sounds very interesting.

But I did not understand how 5-10 years? After all, there is already a market today In not bad volumes at all, what are their disadvantages compared to the so-called?

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I understood the theory more or less, sounds very interesting.

But I did not understand how 5-10 years? After all, there is already a market today In not bad volumes at all, what are their disadvantages compared to the so-called?

Insanely expensive to manufacture them, at least those that would compete with the mechanical hard disk.

What's more, WD and Sage won't let the mechanical disc die so quickly.

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I understood the theory more or less, sounds very interesting.

But I did not understand how 5-10 years? After all, there is already a market today In not bad volumes at all, what are their disadvantages compared to the so-called?

It all depends on the size ratio to the price.

When an SSD is 30% of the size of the hard disks in the same price ratio it can be said that the hard disk is already half in the grave.

The more they are produced The price will go down so there is more to go, but keep in mind that the hard disk companies are not sitting still and the hard disks are growing all the time.

The SSD not only has to keep up with the cheap price of hard drives, it also has to keep up with the growth rate of storage.

So if the day comes when the mechanical hard drive disappears, it will be maybe another 5-10 years if at all.

What I'm guessing will happen along the way is drive Small and fast will become a common part in computer systems as 4 GB of memory is common today.

And the mechanical hard disk will maintain its place as a large warehouse during the transition between the time when there will be a reasonable price for As a fast drive to the + operating system, and the time when there will no longer be a significant price / size advantage to a mechanical hard drive.

Another possibility is that we will see the HYBRID hard disks at some point that will contain both a mechanical hard disk and loads SSDs that will work in combination to give both high performance and plenty of space.

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Probably within 5 to 8 years as discs said Replace the magnetic disk. Already in the technology that exists today they have an advantage or equality in every field related to performance, and in fact the main disadvantage stems from the price that in the high scales of performance the difference is huge. But this technology is doubling its volume at an amazing rate and production is becoming more and more mass, there is a lot of development and a lot of money is invested in production technologies (factories, etc.). Therefore, looking at the past this step is inevitable and in the end it will also be cheap to produce it.

Just a few years ago it was hard to believe that FLASH MP3 players would replace HD players when the ratio was 512 megabytes versus 3000 megabytes or 128 megabytes versus 1000 gigabytes. Today disc players have been pushed out of the world, and FLASH technology has managed to reach volumes that were hard to believe until a few years ago.

In the end it will cost pennies to produce just as it costs pennies to produce HD, it is currently expensive only because it is not in mass production and not for any other reason. You have to sell a lot to recoup the investment costs as long as you want a low price and for that you have to move forward with the volumes while maintaining a performance similar to the hard disks, it is a process with me that requires several generations of factories and production technologies but it comes in a sudden boom.

* Edit - Regarding the comment above me so it's true, the intention was really to have a flash disk for the operating system and applications with a lot of access to information but by the time they closed on the technology standard it had frozen itself and those devices until they came out would probably be obsolete. I also assume that what will happen assuming that the hard disks continue to double their volume growth rate in the same way as today is that the magnetic hard disk will be an addition to those who will need a lot of volume and the standard in every computer will be the hard disk . Something like adding a 3D card that once was or adding a sound card to someone who demands quality Today. The SSD hard disk will meet the needs of most users worldwide. The size of 500GB that already exists today in the SSD will definitely satisfy the need of a basic user in the next 5 to 10 years (there are many people today who fill 50GB with a pressure on a 160 or 300GB disk).

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I think around 5 maybe 6 years the mechanical will disappear from the world but not completely.

For example..

AGP slot

Once it was a hit today there are more people using PCIE

And it happened that the manufacturers forced on us new boards with this device

Today it is the most affordable and inexpensive, but you will always find more people with computers and AGP slots

Until it disappears it will take in my estimation a few good years

In the matter of mechanical hardness

What needs to happen for him to disappear?

There will be better performance for an SSD than a mechanical one

To be cheaper or at the price of the mechanical-in

To be with volume Big and cheap - no

And people prefer 500GB with wine performance over 60GB which costs 3x for performance

The SSD is still in its infancy, and until it all comes in you need to get out Above the SSD

And this will lead to a fall in the prices of the mechanics f a fall in prices of the SSD that will take the place of the mechanics

And there is the new technology that will take the place of the SSD now.

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It is not new technology that lowers the price of existing technology but mass production that lowers price. The hard disks started to get cheap long before they even thought about Or DISK ON KEY even. The technology is on the right track and the infrastructure as well, but it is a process of at least a few years.

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I think you're exaggerating ... it does not seem to me more than 5 years.

My intention is not that there will be no more such hard drives, but that simply no one will buy them on a new computer ... and in fact the SSD will start to control.

As someone here mentioned how FLASH today takes HD in players ...

I bet that in 2-3 years there will already be a trend of mobiles that will break through and introduce computers with , I think this domain most needs these drives, if I'm not mistaken also their power consumption is smaller no?

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