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Work for those who have undergone retraining


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I have a friend who for years worked in the field of social sciences - he has a doctorate, worked as a kind of junior investigator here and there - but for various reasons it does not work out anymore. He converted to programming, through an intensive course - a boot camp - in a company called Infinity. He was assigned to a certain company, but after a few months he was cut, and infinity released him.


If so, he is currently a person with very little experience in his professional field but a lot of experience in other fields, who is looking for a job as a junior programmer. But it seems that every place, or almost anywhere, is looking for experience, experience and experience. And places that are interested in particular in his unique skills, not as a programmer, seem almost nonexistent.


Can you help me advise him how to look for work effectively?

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From what I know, whoever finished the course must work two years in which he returns his cost as part of the salary and then he is 'free'.

when you write "Released him, "you mean they did not want to put him somewhere else?


There are always places that will search for minor items.

What are his unique skills, if you can ask?

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(sorry for the late response...)

@multicore A: Yes, when I write "Release it," I mean they didn't want to put it elsewhere. His unique skills are a background in international relations and international policy, very high language skills, especially in writing, working with archives, knowledge of several languages ​​... things like that.

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