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Drivers for the latest games? Only through the GeForce Experience

Users are again angry at , This time due to a decision to require registration and installation of dedicated software for obtaining Which accompany the major game launches

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NVIDIA is a leading video card maker in the market by a considerable margin, so it's likely to make a lot of right business moves - and yet, it doesn't appear to be immune to puzzling and really popular choices either.

First we saw the story of the unique graphic memory (some will say 'broken' GTX 970, after that we saw close marketing and sponsorship for Arkham Knight that turned out to be a headline that wasn't quite ready to operate on any video card from a manufacturer - and now we're making a decision to "lock" some of the drivers (drivers) distributed by the manufacturer within the application Experience that is not particularly popular.


B- Declare that the drivers that accompany the launch of prominent popular titles, called Game-Ready Drivers and include hardware adjustments for that specific title, will only be available to those who register, download and install the company's GeForce Experience app, which is a sort of online center for all capabilities And features related to the company's products - getting optimal gaming settings based on system hardware, video recording of what appears on screen, streaming live games from the network, streaming games from your PC to devices Supporters and the like.

The company's general drivers, which are usually distributed once a quarter, will still be available to anyone on as before, but those who want to spend most of their performance in a fresh game, Battlefront (probably the last title to win the Game-Ready driver available for standard download on the NVIDIA website) will need to do so via the Experience.

In addition to the fact that people on the Internet do not like situations where they are 'robbed' of what they have gotten used to freely, Experience because it is ultimately an application that runs in the background on a regular basis with a certain resource consumption. The fact that this software tends to operate slowly and with various errors and mishaps, which makes it even more desirable to use it compared to the alternative of installing a clean driver without unnecessary additions, does not help either.

NVIDIA support, and the graphics core market in general, has certainly improved in support of recent titles in recent years - and now it looks like the green company is ready to start demanding a bit more for this improved service
Support of , And the graphics core market in general, recent headlines have definitely improved in recent years - and now the green maker seems to be ripe to start demanding a little more for this service

Was the decision to annoy some consumers equal to the move, which is apparently intended to increase exposure to the services and related products that NVIDIA markets? We hope so, because it seems that relative damage has already been done and the wheel can no longer be reversed.

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