Will your next laptop be Huawei?

MateBook X

MateBook X - With smartphone access

The flagship model, indisputably, in the new collection of Huawei for the latest operating system of He is Small and traditional in its form - albeit in dimensions that pretend (and succeed) to amaze us with their minimalism.

A fine-looking metal shell with a thickness of only about 12.5 millimeters and weight of 1.05 kilograms can contain an 13-inch IPS screen and 2,160 × 1,440 resolution (without touch support), with 100 coverage of the sRGB standard and Gorilla Glass cover, Core i5-7200U and Core i7-7500U modern dual-core And even a fairly generous 41.4-watts battery - and all of this together is definitely not an assembly you meet every day on the market, even if we've seen Which were thinner or lighter, but included inevitable compromises of various kinds.

The impressive miniaturization capabilities from the world of smartphones are also evident in the PC market

On the slim mobile phone you will also find an audio array that supports Dolby's Atmos technology and a dedicated line over the dense Chiclet keyboard, a fingerprint switch, a Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and Wi-Fi dual 802.11ac transmission / XD-NXUMX LPDDR3, drive-based storage In the 2 Quick M.256 interface or gigabyte 512, a system 10, and a set of connections made up of a clutch Type-C - plus the external MateDock 2 that will enable one of them to make an improved range of ports and inputs for video information.

The success of compiling processors from the U-family This tiny product is quite impressive, but we will need to wait to test the actual performance, which will be greatly affected by the cooling level available for the chip

A very minimal envelope of approximately 4.4 millimeters around the screen gives the MateBook X a pretty impressive ratio of 88 to the general envelope of the product, Declare that the surface of the mobile does not exceed an area of ​​an A4 page, thus making its thickness and weight data whole and even more advanced.

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You've always dreamed of pinkish? Now is your chance, sort of

The MateBook X will be available for purchase in a gray, gilt or pink color, with a high price tag that matches its unique body - no less than 1,400 EUR per model with 8 GB of RAM, i5 and 256 gigabyte storage drive and 1,700 EUR for top model with processor , 8 dynamic memory and gigabyte drive Internal 512 gigabyte. It is painful in the pocket, and is intended mainly for those whose cost is not a consideration at the time of choosing the new computer, while the common people prefer to wait for future models who may be able to provide similar capabilities with a significantly improved cost-benefit ratio.

How small - that's expensive