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Launch at the door: Will Steam OS bring the largest gaming line?

The dedicated operating system will be launched in the coming days, Link It is not yet clear whether there is anything to be excited about, for now

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Soon this is happening - WALAV's Steam OS system, Which is designed to be the first operating system designed primarily for gaming, and by the way also to lead the whole gaming world in Linux-based systems to a new era, will be officially launched, in the framework of computers (or consoles, if you will) Machine first.

Three years have passed since Vavalab was declared The new and surprising initiative This one, designed to give a real alternative to the old and familiar saloon consoles, but seems to have remained more or less the same for all time - to provide a better gaming experience from both existing consoles and standard PCs , At any price tag you choose.

Steam as your operating system - unnecessary, or rather ingenious?
As your operating system - unnecessary, or rather ingenious?

What is the actual situation? involved. The basic Steam OS console The leader arrives From Dell's Alienware, When the cost of 450 dollars will give you a compact and designed box, with an economical dual-core processor of , 4GB of RAM, 500GB and a graphics card with capabilities similar to those of the X- GTX 860M.

The Velab and Dell console is compact and nice looking - but not really powerful, and that's a problem
The Wallab and Dell console is compact and nice-looking - but not really powerful, which is a problem

It is possible that on paper it can be argued that this hardware offers a level Similar to that of the Microsoft and Sony consoles, but in practice it is highly doubtful whether the current performance and refinement level of Microsoft OS can provide a similar worthwhile gaming experience - when it's worth noting that even 450 bucks is a price that is actually higher by about 100 or even 150 bucks than their current price .

Steam OS Console עם Reasonably visual quality that is higher than the consoles will cost much more than a saloon console, at least in the current reality - and even then it is hard to ignore the fact that Waleb has a long way to go until you can declare title compatibility that is truly competitive with the huge windows system, on its many versions.

A Steam Link device over the Xbox One console demonstrates its compactness
Steam Link device over a console , Illustrates its compactness

With all due respect to the X-, The most cost-effective and logical product for most users is probably the Link, which is a small, intelligent type of Stimmer 50 dollar that can be connected to any means of display for streaming network gaming from any computer running the platform - - In other words, anyone who is not looking to purchase a new gaming system or is simply unwilling to give up their existing operating system for the benefit OS, will still be able to turn any And every screen in his home to a real game console, easily and inexpensively (although up to 1080p60 only, as of now)

Beyond the specific consoles of WALAV & Co., the site's Linux experts phoronix Have decided to test the upcoming launch of SteamOS with the latest version (2.0) A variety of popular video cards From home and-, For those who might be interested in the gaming system in general, without depending on the pre-assembled boxes offered for sale at the online store .

stmol8 stmol9

Green wins, red cries

In this case, the situation seems relatively encouraging - at least for . Most of the green manufacturer's cards performed reasonably well, which is probably quite similar to the same titles and the same settings in Windows-based systems (although such declarations are difficult to make without direct comparison from those who actually performed the tests), but at the same time the Radeon Without a doubt, they are not yet ready to launch WALAV, with It is very bad that in some cases Fury X functioned less well than GTX 950 comes a quarter of it.

stmol7 stmol6


Let us hope that, Will be able to provide better drivers for launch, as it is not difficult to understand why most Steam Machines prefer Of the competitor.

Bottom line, it's hard to call the Steam OS "revolutionary" in its current state - but on the other hand, it probably shouldn't be underestimated either And the ambitious society behind it. In the next few years, it is likely that we will be able to see computers that offer better quality and performance than the consoles at similar price tags (after all, the computer hardware is constantly advancing, while the hardware of the consoles relies mainly on programmatic polishing) Machine, and probably also continuous polishing system - OS and the performance it offers, along with more and more up-to-date titles to support it, will further strengthen its wink for anyone who sets up its core gaming platform.

Another element that could be shuffling for the benefit of Steam OS is the new Vulkan standard that inherits AMD's OpenGL and Mantle at the same time, and like DirectX 12 promises to enable faster and faster graphics processing than ever before. A more rapid and effective adoption of this standard against Microsoft's dedicated competitor could provide a performance advantage that would give gamers a very good reason to consider Steam OS as an alternative
Another element that could be shuffling for the benefit of Steam OS is the new Vulkan standard that inherits OpenGL and Mantle's At the same time, 12 promises to enable faster and faster graphics processing than ever before. Faster and more effective adoption of this standard than the designated competitor of Microsoft Could provide an advantage Which will give gamers a very good reason to consider OS as an alternative

It's worth remembering, too, the humble beginnings of the Sets Platform as we know it so far - from a weird and pretty scrappy service that was 'forcibly' pushed to the throats of all the players who wanted to play Half-Life 2 a little over a decade ago, to a platform that almost alone lifted the gaming world On PC to unprecedented heights, thanks to innovative approach, continuous improvement and relentless tenacity. This approach makes us believe that one day, maybe in a few years, OS will become the new home of most gamers in the computer world. We'll see.


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  1. ^ Maybe, but it should be noted that the consoles are inferior in terms of performance and graphics from a reasonable computer but the console guarantees you a stable usage experience throughout its lifespan. (Which is quite long) A computer like France is already having a hard time with new and heavy titles (a basic processor with an aging card), while such a problem will not arise in the console until the end of its life.

  2. The gospel would be in retrospect if that would entail an expansion of Linux gaming support as a whole.

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