Here are the computers that support the HWzone 10 face recognition technology
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Here are the computers that support 10's facial recognition technology

One of the new features of 10 windows that Microsoft's marketing people boast of is the " Hello, Which purports to eliminate written passwords completely for more secure access to the system and personal files with biometric identification - fingerprint, retina or facial recognition.

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While fingerprints will continue to work as they did in previous versions of Windows (on devices that have compatible scanners), face-recognition security is a new technology for Windows 10 that should provide faster, more convenient and reliable access to a standard password. While we've seen the basics of Android a few years ago, we've come to know that it's a pretty easy-to-work gimmick - Microsoft is a different level that uses the dual-depth home-sensing camera , God-, In order to perform qualitative identification in all environmental conditions.

Now, Microsoft releases a list of 10 computers with RealSense cameras that are either sold in stores or soon to be sold and will come with face recognition support based on Hello. Some models can also be found in Israel.

Really useful first use of RealSense technology?
Really useful first use of RealSense technology?

magnificent? Unnecessary? Soon we will have all the answers.

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