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It's time to consider upgrading: The new Skylake processors are here

The Great Flood began: Launches a Record Number of Sony Cyber ​​- shot New Generation, Including some surprises we have not seen before

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as promised, Has taken advantage of the opening of the large European gadget exhibition IFA to provide us with a very wide launch of The second generation of its 14 nanometer, Sixth - and now we can decide whether it is worth upgrading, or it might be better to keep waiting for.

Spectrum capabilities of the processors Continues to grow, and Intel even marked the beginning of testing for the possibility of integrating them into smartphones (!) In the future

We already provided you with most of the luscious technical details over the past few weeks, but we will add that Intel decided to give us a nice comparison to highlight the big leap we have won since 2010, at least in the mobile world - and explain that a processor i5-6200U Dual-Core Portable Latest 15 Watt Thermal Shell and 281 Dollar Recommended Price Tag Offers General 2.5 Pi Processing Performance, 30 Pi Graphics Performance for the Built-in Graphic Core, and 3 Prolonged Battery Life i5-520UM double In a thermal envelope of 18 watts and the price of 241 dollars launched in January 2010.


Intel today officially launched dozens of models Both for the fixed and mobile markets, and provided technical details on a range of additional models to be launched over the next two quarters.

The pair of open-chip processors that were launched about a month ago. If you were expecting to find dedicated models for the rush even at lower price levels - in the meantime they don't really seem on the horizon, unfortunately
Intel said that unlike the Broadwell generation, this time they do not plan to offer Based LGA-based chassis Graphically advanced with Built - in eDRAM


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Most models are direct updates of familiar models that we have seen in the and the- (And before them), but there are also some new and very intriguing models.

In the stationary market, the status quo remains almost unchanged from the Haswell section - but at least in the mobile world we get some first offers of their kind
In the stationary market, the status quo remained almost unchanged from the " - But at least in the mobile world, we are getting some initial offers of their kind


Legend that will give you some order in the updated names for Intel's built-in processing cores Source:
A legend that will give you some order in the updated names for Intel's built-in processing core

The most surprising model is the Core i7-6820HK Quad Core, which will be the first ever processor of For laptops that include an open and designed multiplier - combined with Significant air or, hold tight, system Laptop water. There is no doubt that the chip giant is "testing the water" with this special model, as its success among mobile gaming enthusiasts will certainly lead to more K models In future generations. In any case, even if it is adopted by the gaming mobile manufacturers in the heat and if not really, it will be very interesting to see what frequencies and performance it will be able to achieve given the envelope and the very limited environment in which it will operate.

The mobile M processor family has completely disappeared in the current generation - and the only significant male left is the Core i3-6100H model, which offers a high-frequency processing core pair and a relatively high 35 watt thermal envelope
28 Watt Processors With powerful graphics cores that include 48 units with 64MB of dedicated eDRAM memory coming early next year, (Graphic) significant

Other interesting mobile models are the first pair of dedicated Xeon mobile processors, which will be offered as an option at the top end of the price range . At the moment it is a bit difficult to see the differences between them and the top mobile HQ processors (except for the support of the Xeon models in DRAM memory with ECC error correction code and massive volumes of up to 64GB), but in the end this is also an environmental response exam for the arrival of The prestigious brand into a new market - and if it succeeds, we'll probably see many more Xeon mobile processors later on, who also know how to differentiate themselves better and more meaningfully than the "The simple ones."


For dessert, the biggest surprise of In the mobile world, apparently, i5-6300HQ and i5-6440HQ (this is probably the base model and its intended successor, which will be available a few months later), which for the first time reduce the mobile cores to the people. About.



These are four-core physical processing processors (without HyperThreading support) and a 45 watt thermal casing, which will be offered to computer manufacturers at a cost of $ 250 - significantly lower, at $ 130, from the cheapest price for Quad core we saw in previous generations. In other words - more and more computers And consumers will be able to enjoy four-core physical processors, which are becoming increasingly efficient and useful in gaming and other heavy uses. It's a shame we haven't seen a similar move to reduce the basic level of quad-core even in the stationary market - but given the perceived lack of competition in the world of, We will take what we have received and will try to settle for it for the time being.

For dessert - the new m-processors we already told you the other day, which are priced similarly to their U-family counterparts and, it seems, threaten to take their place fully within a few years

What do you think of the new generation of - Was it worth the longer wait than expected?

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