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Since the news people are a little stuck right now I decided to bring a limited number of news of my own,

It seems that the G-Force 5 never came out ... and that in the fourth generation will close the lineage.

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Kyle from [H] ard | OCP
A couple of websites are kicking it around that there will be no GeForce5, and from what the CEO of NVIDIA told us at the GeForce4 launch party, that is absolutely correct. Not only is the GeForce namesake going bye-bye, so is the technology. Do not expect to be losing anything, but rather picking up more as I think we will see technologies from 3dfx employed in the NV30 chipset. No doubt that while 3dfx was a struggling company, they had engineers that we not only seeing outside the box, but also down the street and around the corner.

Quietly, Antek has released an updated version of its Performance Pack, which will receive Plus Plus on its behalf.
The new series includes a number of minor (but necessary) updates such as USB and FireWire connections on the front of the chassis, a filter to block dust in the front grille of the chassis, a side fan to improve airflow and an "face lift" to the front of the chassis.
More information about the new series can be found at the company's official website - here.
For more photos and to participate in the survey on the package (so successful that sold in huge quantities and under many names) you can participate and respond to the forum of VirtualHideout, here.
A review of the original Enermax package can be found on our website.

And with Tom, a new review was published.
And this time on a new aluminum case, which should not be mentioned in our tiny country, this may completely reduce the value of the criticism to the Israeli market, yet I decided to present to you, for the simple reason, the scope of the article. The article is particularly comprehensive and touches on the advantages of the aluminum enclosures in general and not necessarily on the specific model being tested.
Of course, aluminum configuration has fascinated me since the beginning of the US market, because of the weight and ease of cutting material, I hope that importers in Israel will begin to bring aluminum enclosures to the growing market and growing in our small country.
In addition, the Taiwanese manufacturer Chiftech, which produces the various versions of the Enermax and Antec packages, began to produce an aluminum version for the version sold in Israel. A design that has already proven itself to be successful in Israel has undergone conversion to aluminum.

So far today, we are sorry again for not updating the news on the site today, technical problems beyond our control.
Expect hit-tomorrow.

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