Important: There is a way to use a USB drive anywhere without worrying about malicious files

Important to know: There is a way to use a USB drive anywhere without fearing malicious files

A small number of USB drives offer physical write protection and thus can protect us from infecting malware and deleting data when used with foreign computer stands

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A USB drive (portable) has long been one of the most convenient ways to move our information between computers.

In many cases, we are required to transfer our data between computers that are known and protected without fear. But there are cases when our data is transferred to public computers, some of which are unclear how many people used them before us and some of them were pasted by me And other malware.

The problem is often relevant to students who need to transfer data between the computer at home and the university. The same goes for people traveling around the world who wish to transfer data to the hotel computers or internet cafes. There, too, many used them in public computers and exposed them to the risk of infection. It's true that some of the computers reset themselves every time they run to protect themselves from viruses, but when a student or a traveler puts the computer in For PC - It doesn't necessarily make sure to restart a computer before it does.

is also (Some disconnected for this reason from the network) will want to protect the USB drive they are connecting to run test and repair software. Of course, in some cases, it is possible to use a read-only CD, which is also protected from infection with viruses, but today many computers no longer have such a device, and the use of CDs is slower and more cumbersome.

Many do not even use a USB drive but online services such as Dropbox and Drive - but enter password for services In a public or unfamiliar place is not always a safe and correct solution. Keyboard keystrokes with your password may be passed on to an unknown cause.

For this reason provide several companies drives There is a switch button that allows you to easily move your mobile drive to read-only mode - a situation where you can read the data but it is impossible to write or delete data from the USB drive. Fast transfer back to writing mode allows the drive to be used As usual on any other USB disk.

The flat With switch to read only mode

This is not an innovative solution. In fact, the solution has existed for many years, but many are unaware of its existence and need for it. In many cases, the cost of USB drives is protected from dictating higher than standard USB drives, but these are usually affordable.

The inventory of these storage solutions is quite limited. As far as is known, the recognized manufacturers do not provide such solutions and are satisfied with various options such as encryption of information that can protect the USB drive both from reading and writing. But opening the encryption by password will expose the USB drive to write and insert again .

There are other software programs that help protect against infection, but in many cases it is only to be hoped that they are installed on the public computer. You can of course install anti-virus software and clean the infection at home, but it's post-infection treatment. Prevention in advance is of course much better.

So where can I find drives Such? As mentioned, unfortunately - not in the major manufacturers and, as is well known, not in stores in the country.

Company Kanguru Located in the US produces a USB drive called SS3 that includes a write protection mechanism. This is a USB3 drive with 410MB / Sec read speed and 310MB / Sec write speed. The USB drive is available for purchase Amazon Cost of 42 USD per 16GB. Not cheap with respect to my drives Others in the market but definitely accessible to purchase to the subject matter to him.

drive With a button to activate read-only mode

The company offers additional solutions that are protected from volume writing and various configurations at a lower cost like the product FlashBlu30.

Netac offers an additional USB drive with write protection on the optional U335 model Amazon AndAliExpress.

A netac USB drive with a read-only switch under the lid
drive Of the netac with a read-only switch under the lid

Another company is Trekstor, which offers a USB drive with a volume of 32 about 31 Amazon.

Trekstor USB drive with read-only switch
drive Trekstor with a read-only switch

From the list above you can see that there are companies that offer options for physical protection against infection from viruses on the drives . The solutions are not cheap or particularly available but are definitely accessible. This is an interesting solution that should be considered for any user who uses public computers and computers whose level of protection is unknown.

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