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Detailed Performance Guide: Now also for Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Develops the graphics core Continues to pamper us, and after the fallout 4 also the leading title of Activision receives a wide-ranging guide to try to help all the players - Get a more impressive visual product

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If you're one of those who prefers some tough, old, fast and good action to an exploration and collection experience - there's a good chance you're passing these days with Black Ops 3, And not with Fallout 4. If that is the case - you probably also noticed that the game is polished at a reasonable level for the, But it may nevertheless be a true 'pig of resources' and will also bring modern, powerful systems to a state of fragmentation.

The one who came to the rescue of the players in this case, too, is NVIDIA, whose exclusive graphic features for its video cards were also integrated In the new and successful title That of Activision. Guide to Graphical Settings and Performance for Black Ops 3 Now available to everyone on the company's official website, giving us some interesting discoveries.



There is a big improvement in the small price

Similar to the guide for Fallout 4, Here again we find that there are a number of settings that can critically bite performance while minimizing the final look of the game, while there are quite a few features and settings that can upgrade the overall look with very little performance impairment - The NVIDIA DSR mechanism (Designed to provide more hardened edge smoothing) is an example of the first situation, for example, while the quality of the textures is only one example of the second.


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And there is a minor improvement at a very high cost

The guide is aimed mainly at the owners of video cards , But we would also recommend those who run the title with a card or tickets Flip a bit - Many graphical settings are the same between models, and the information in the guide may help all gamers.



Also, you should not forget to download the drivers Updated and designated For Black Ops 3 to help ensure proper running, and there are also Profile dedicated to SLI arrays. Fun reading and play!

Black Ops 3 is a title that can look very handsome - but it also requires quite a lot of resources to do so

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