Another exciting operation: GeForce GTX 970 Advanced Less than 1400 NIS (updated)

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updating: As expected, the EVGA video card was hijacked at peak speed and has now returned to its original price, which is much less profitable. However, Amazon England currently exists The GTX 970 card is simpler Of the company , The price of British Pound 225 and the possibility of sending to Israel. The final price is $ 377, and here too we are talking about a considerable reduction compared to prices in Israel, if you do not object to the invitation from abroad.

Another model of the 970 GTX that can be obtained from abroad at a total cost of 378 is Gigabyte's cool mini-model, Via Amazon Spain.

Original article: Superclocked EVGA GeForce GTX 970 video card ACX 2.0 is offered at a price not to be missed

Black Friday continues, and with him Great operations Which are scattered throughout the chain - and for Israelis, mainly at the edges of the retail chain , Which does not cease to surprise us.

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Now, there is A mock-up of the GeForce GTX 970 card Which is offered in Amazon USA at a discount of about $ 100 from its recommended price - plus a direct shipment to Israel, the likes of which do not see too much in the field of video cards.

With a $ 265 card and an extra $ 75 that covers the tax and shipping costs, you get a great offer at a price of about $ 340, which is less than 1,400 NIS, a price that reduces hundreds of shekels from prices to a similar product here in Israel.


As always - we strongly recommend that you jump at the opportunity without delay because the inventory (or offer) may end without prior notice. Enjoyable shopping!