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Continues to flourish: 10 windows celebrates 200 million installations

The pace may have slowed down, but the overall momentum is definitely continuing, and the new operating system of Microsoft Seems to be on the right path to its ambitious meta-goal

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The network reported That system 10 windows, Launched nearly five months ago, managed to reach 200 million installations on computers around the world - a huge number by any scale, based on Data we have received in the past Probably provides it with over 15 of the entire PC operating system market .

Many have been skeptical about it, but a wide-ranging marketing campaign, free upgrade offers for almost anyone who has purchased a computer over the last few years, and especially a product that really and truly feels more ready and polished than 8 windows felt at the outset - suggests that Microsoft may be achieving its big goal, Which talks about a billion computers that will run Windows 10 Within three years of its launch date.

10 is already here, with all the power

Of course, the number of installations is not directly equal to the number of computers that run the operating system in practice, but we expect the software giant to be very happy even with a billion "only" installations, somewhere in the middle of 2018. Have you already taken your opportunity to upgrade?

A very ambitious goal, but at the current pace it seems possible to achieve it


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  1. That's not really true !!!
    That is, suppose there were 200 miles installed,
    But there were also 50 million removals, with people preferring to go back to 7 or 8.1
    Everyone and his tastes with him.

  2. ^^^^
    That it is unprecedented!
    Wollah, a cart that barely carries bombed 7 windows
    In the Pop - Nose of 10 windows installation, post-fall in the bin
    (From the user's side) Do not hesitate to "get rid" with and without software quotes that do not come well.

  3. Bug-filled operating system: pop-ups that cause freezing in games, broken "show desktop" - not always working, I had to make a special shortcut.

    The interface itself is not impressive either.
    It's not a wisdom to take a classic interface, take away all the eye candy like transparency, and then market it faster and more effectively - in the simplicity - less is more.

  4. It's really true that Windows 10 is hard for users who are used to more privacy even though most of them are wrong and some are right in a lot of parameters Total brought ten before 9 and it didn't really come out ten

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