17 Causes of Headache for Intel: All AMD Ryzen models are exposed to HWzone
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17 Causes of Headache for Intel: All AMD Ryzen models are exposed

Get ready for variety New at a variety of prices, that will finally give a little pepper to the huge drowsy material market

Dear CPU enthusiasts, please open your calendars and calendars and mark them with a prominent sign this past Tuesday of February - because according to all the fresh indications on the network, this is the magic moment where we will begin to see the new processor generation from home Landing on the store shelves. we hope.

It will be a little longer before we find out if this deadline (which works out well with the official statements of On launch during the first quarter of 2017) is indeed accurate, but in the meantime we are already getting many new details that seem to reveal everything you need to know about the Ryzen processors without waiting for the moment You'd be kind enough to tell us about it.

Is the countdown towards the launch finally coming to an end?

According to a report by the world-renowned Taiwan site Coolaler, the new family of processors The new R17 and R5 family subsystems, four of which will be offered with four processing cores without SMT technology that doubles the number of logical cores Four processors with four processing cores with SMT, four more with 3 physical processing cores, and 7 logical cores, and for dessert no less than five different models that will include eight real processing cores and will support SMT for twice the number of processing threads.

It seems that Will not be in a hurry to return to the prices of the chair that it was forced to offer when it was in a significant technological lag, but the prices that it will offer will constitute a refreshing and important change

All models will come as guaranteed with an upward frequency multiplier for self-acceleration - and all will be offered without the addition of a built-in graphical core, an interface like the chipset's FX models and like the X family of models .

These are Ryzen's models in almost complete detail that Has refrained from bringing us so far

If the model names alone do not satisfy you, you will probably be interested in another recent report that purports to also provide us with the European market price tags for three of the leading core octagon models on our way - the 600 Euro (including tax) for the top R7 1800X model of the Ryzen family , Which has already been officially launched as a direct competitor to the Core i7-6900K advanced Which carries an official price tag of 1,000 USD, 470 EUR for the R7 1700X model, which will probably offer more modest workflows and 390 EUR for the R7 1700 model that might be missing some of the X's other tech features and probably also A lower thermal envelope that will, of course, also affect the maximum performance potential (but you can make it more suitable for dedicated compact systems).

Even now, we still do not really know what the final working frequencies of the various models will be, as the various network estimates range from 3.4GHz to impressive 4.2GHz

According to other data purporting to provide us with prices for the North American models, the R7 1800X will cost about $ 490, the R7 1700X will be offered at $ 380 - while the R7 1700 will cost consumers about $ 315. This is a significant difference from the European prices we mentioned earlier, so it seems that we will have to wait for more data before we can know the exact numbers we expect.

Not cheap, but definitely better than other reports and rumors we heard

These prices may sound high and massive, but it's worth mentioning that these are core octagon models that have never been offered at such "reasonable" price levels in the past, and underneath are another 12 hexagonal and square models that will undoubtedly be priced at lower cost tags - so Ryzen's hexagonals may come close Head directly to the current quad core Family of i7, whereas the quadrilateral cores with 8 logical cores will likely compete with the X- i5 that do not support the corresponding HyperThreading technology. In other words - we seem to have a lot of potential here for a fierce competition that wasn't like the Phenom or even the In the distant past.

Has also recently declared an advantage in the new production processes it uses, compared to its main competitor whose name you are probably able to guess alone

All of this technical data sounds intriguing and even very exciting, but it is worth noting that we have yet to see any practical or independent comparison between these products of For Intel counterparts, and to remember the excitement before the launch and disappointment we experienced in the Bulldozer era - you probably shouldn't take the champagne out of the fridge in the meantime until we start to see data that will display the full picture. The potential here is huge in terms of home consumers at the end, and now there is only a little more time left to find out if we have a comeback from the movies here.


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  1. It's time. We've almost forgotten how competition feels in the CPU market

    Incidentally, AMD's share continues to surge. A little jealous of someone who decided to invest a year ago and today enjoys the trio of share value

  2. Finally Fite in the CPU market, I'm dying to see benchmark comparisons.
    When will they be?

  3. Now the question is what is most suitable for gaming, even though I am quite sure of whether or not they will bring out anything that will contribute to the capers in gaming as well

  4. How long has it been dragging? Year? two years? Let me know when it comes out to the truth and you can pop into the store to buy one. Until then it's only PR again. Same with Vega. They'll stop leaking details and start selling the product.

    1. Definitely agree with you, already tired that every time a product comes out or is supposed to come out a product in one or the other technology, then there is always a lot of time just rumors and leaks about it, all these manufacturers just want to squeeze as much money as possible. Give the product already, once you write about it, release information and we're done, consumers will already decide whether to buy or not. Already, tired!

  5. Don't expect wonders it's the performance of the much lower priced 2011-3 processors, but people who are especially accustomed to gaming a better SKYLAKE / KABYLAKE processor with IPC and speed between 4.5GH 5GHZ, most games and programs use a limited number of cores ...
    Intel still has an advantage and Intel is expected to release X299 this SKYLAKE-X this summer

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