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2 Terabytes SSD - now at an unprecedented price

Original article: Let's grab the company's popular Ultra 3D model - At a final price of under NIS 800

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We expect a lot of tempting prices for various storage products under the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday offerings coming in at the end of the month - but Amazon Amazon seems to be ready to start making significant price cuts already, with a new low price we haven't met yet. With a generous volume of 2 terabytes.

2.5-inch drive in the SATA interface of the Ultra 3D series of your chosen SanDisk, which includes TLC in a 3-D house structure -Sandisk and cattle From home , Is now offered at a base price of only 180 dollars per volume of 2 terabytes - with the addition of 44.22 dollars for VAT and shipping to your home The final price is 224.21 dollars, or NIS 790 for value including a conversion fee of one percent of the transaction value available in the portion From the credit cards marketed in the country, prices for the same model in the same volume in the country?

This is one of the most popular and stable "classic" SATA drives in the market - so if you don't feel the need to move to tiny drives in the standard Even faster, this is a deal you should take advantage of as quickly as possible, because it's hard to know how long your existing inventory will last before the price once again leaps to the base of 200 dollars or 220 dollars where this model sold most days over the past few months.

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updating: Surprisingly, the drive is still available for purchase at its minimum price - well worth checking out, if you haven't taken the opportunity until now.

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