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3DMark: Now Spectacular and Ever-Advanced (Update: Released!)

The festive launch of the next version of the popular performance test comes tomorrow, prepare your graphics cards
It was a long time since 2011, when it came into being 3DMark 11 And according to the name show the world the miracles and wonders they can play games based on DirectX 11 And in the very near future is expected to come out another one. This time, however, this is not a measurement program For PC only, it will now have four versions: one for Windows 8, one for Windows RT, One for android and one foriOS.
Two tests that we have known for some time,Fire Strike Based on DirectX 11 and the-Cloud Gate Based on DirectX 10. Traditionally, both tests are very nice and hopefully your PC hardware is strong enough to sit and watch them during the performance test. Hopefully this time the software will be suitable for more people,Futuremark Because system requirements are more modest this time.
The version released on the fourth of the month will be the PC version, when the release date for the device versions is unknown . "There is work and more tests on the Android versions, iOS and the-RT Windows, But we aim at as little profit as possible between the launches. Think about weeks rather than months. "Futuremark In their blog on the subject.
This version is more advanced than other versions because both the performance tests themselves are more demanding and also because the performance test can now report to the user while running on CPU and graphics card temperatures, in addition to processor power and frequency at run time. In addition, it is possible to delve into graphs more easily: to see how many frames per second per second of the run and hopefully also how the frames were divided into the second,Micro-Stuttering Troubling cards AMD. The launch costs of the performance test are still missing, but we promise you that you will know them soon.

Launched Performance Test!
Downloadable from here


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  1. The timing is not surprising
    This is an exercise in companies that sponsor this MSI software by Microsoft Openly also by supporting their new operating system The companies will do anything for you to upgrade even if you do not have the feature already doing so so whoever wants to run it will need to upgrade this membership exercise it is not new so it was If WIN7 DX11 don't forget it and the video is not exciting I saw their better stuff and hope that it doesn't disappoint at all

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