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4 TARGET IN YOUR POCKET: Samsung is introducing a portable drive of huge size and size

The Korean giant and Seagate remind us that mechanical drives are still the blacksmiths of the blacksmith Of the 4TB that you can pocket

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4 terabytes of external hard drives are definitely not a new line - but small and portable external hard drives of such volume are in fact a very significant line that comes to us Now from Samsung, Or in fact, from Seagate, which acquired its hard-line division, but left the name in place.

Samsung Announces Two New External 2.5 External Drives For Known M3 And ​​P3 Series, Offering Volume Unparalleled 4 terabytes - thanks to impressive technology that enables the creation of no fewer than 800 gigabytes, and combining these five together on the drive gives you the opportunity to double the volume of the most advanced 2.5 inches we have encountered to date. .


The pair of new drives are based on connections Standard 3.0 offers different external finishes but identical physical dimensions, boasting that they are only slightly larger than 2 terabytes and 1 terabytes - 82 millimeters wide, 118 millimeters in length and smaller than 20 millimeters, Plus a fairly reasonable weight of about 10 grams.

The technological significance of the new Samsung and Seagate mobile drives may also be important for laptops, where we can finally see hard drives in the volumes of 2.4 terabytes and even 3 terabytes thanks to impressive plate compressions, which may also be the last hard drives to be seen in class devices Those before the SSD era Complete The full takeover of the field.

The new drives are expected to be available for purchase at the end of the current month, with recommended prices yet unspecified - but judging by the price of M3 and P3 drives at modest volumes already sold on the market, the price will be at least 2 more expensive than external 4TB drives Larger than the 3.5 standard (ie, about $ 250). Equal? Probably only for those who really have to turn around with my blacksmith Huge in your pocket or purse.



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  1. It's time.
    Too bad we will not see this in internal drives soon.
    Do not invest in small hard drives.
    The home market has 3.5TB (8TB) 10 hard drives at a relatively cheap price, but for years 2.5 has been stuck with 2TB.
    5 years ago I wanted an 2.5 based storage system but the price is expensive and the volume of discs is poor.

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