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48 Hours of online shopping: The best computer and gadget deals

Google Israel has created a unified website that will help you find the best deals on the Israeli network within two days Great. We're here to help you some more

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You can call it the Israeli version of Cyber ​​Monday, which is gaining momentum in Western countries alongside the Black Friday, which is already known to everyone at this stage, And a lot of commercial entities designed to get us to buy things that we do not really need, but the bottom line - Shoppingil site currently has a variety of products and discounts from all kinds of stores on the network, and you all have to take a look and check whether there is an impulsive purchase that fits and awaits you exactly.

The project of Includes some very interesting offers, but don't rush to buy just because of the time limit - this is probably only the first wave of the tsunami of benefits and offers that will flood us in the next two months in parallel with the end of civilian overseas operations

To make it easier for you, expensive gadget and computer enthusiasts, we have gathered some of the most interesting suggestions that can be found in the new venture Israel:

  • In-Ear Headphone Headset AH-C360 from Denon 89 NIS - relatively old headphones that are no longer manufactured, but which have earned a nice average score on the site And were sold at a time significantly higher than the current one.
  • Seagate 's Expnasion external hard drive at a cost of 199 NIS To inflate 500GB or cost of 269 NIS Inflate 1TB.
  • Unlocked Archos 40 Titanium for the price of 449 NIS - This is a very weak device that will probably suffice only for the most basic users, but at such a price it is difficult to complain too much.
  • A smartphone called BLK for the price 249 NIS - an even more basic device than (Though not much I and a friend that very few people have ever heard of, but at such a cost you probably will not find too many competitors.
  • For the enthusiasts of the Look, the chic (and the sound?) - Beats Wireless headphones costing 799 NIS And Beats Solo HD headphones In 555 NIS.
  • A wireless charger that supports the Qi standard In 89 NIS, Devices with built-in support for technology, or those with coverage that provides the capability.
  • JBL Wireless Micro Wireless Speaker, which has a very good grade average in Amazon, at the price of 159 NIS.
  • For those who want to shoot extreme but not really willing to invest in GoPro - Extreme cameras in a similar concept from a little (much) less familiar and cost-effective 499 NIS and-389 NIS.
  • Mobile Asus D550 Sample With 15.6 - inch Screen At A Price Of 999 NIS - This is an ultra-old mobile (Celeron B810 processor based from the generation - Elderly), but the price is one that apparently has no other in the country.
  • Those who are looking for a simple and cheap mobile but a bit more up-to-date can find the Asus X205TA with an 11.6-inch screen and a quad-core Z3775 quad-core processor at the price of 1,299 NIS, And the Acer Aspire ES1-511 with a dual-core Celeron processor and an 15.6-inch screen at the price of 1,399 NIS.

Those interested in the above products will have to hurry - the above promotions are (apparently) only valid until the next day, which means a little less than the next 29 hours.

Have you found other worthwhile products that we have not mentioned here? Are you personally familiar with one of the products that we have mentioned and want to warn others or recommend them warmly? Share us with all the information here!

For all the best deals on computers, hardware, gadgets and in general, network and not on the net, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, In our consumer forum.


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  1. url] http://www.1item.co.il/collections/shopping-il/products/x-14?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping-il&utm_campaign=shopping-il [/ url]
    Here I found something good

    A stocking would make coffee

    29 NIS

  2. I'm the only one who thinks it's all about the trash and the old junk from Black Friday?

  3. To 2.
    This is Israel. Not a cheap country to live in…

    Say thank you that VAT has not yet risen to 30% that way.

  4. I'm the only one who thinks it's all about the trash and the old junk from Black Friday?

    It seems like they have concentrated all the things that nobody wants to buy at all

  5. An important lesson to be learned is (for those who do not know it yet) that something should not be bought just because it says "Operation" !!
    You still have to do homework before you buy.

  6. 150 is NIS for wireless charger for S4, or 40 is at an expense. "Operation" is really not

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