480GB SSD drive for less than NIS 200, now in Amazon

The company 's successful A400 drive Drops to an unprecedented price level - and with it there are a few more quality offers

More and more discounted hardware prices come to us from the direction of The United States, and we are here to update you and give you the opportunity to innovate and to be graded quickly and conveniently.

Kingston's A400 SSD drives down to an unprecedented price of 45 for 480GB - or 52.37 dollars including shipping to Israel, which is about 190 shekels. A huge deal by all accounts - when you will you can also purchase The 240GB model of the drive At a great price of $ 34.52, or approximately NIS 130.

The cheapest price so far - we hope to see more and more models in the category of half a terabyte coming down below the NIS 200 limit soon

Also Micron's famous Crucial MX500 drive Drops to its low price level - 67.8 USD includes shipping to the volume of 500GB, or approximately NIS 250.

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It is not as cheap as the The parallel - but if you prefer Micron's proven brand you have a great opportunity here

A wonderful deal for those who need DDR4 memories - 16MZ pair of 8GB modules (3,000GB volume per module) from the 16MHz series Micron at the XNUMXMHz and CLXNUMX Sold for 73.76 dollars including delivery to the house, which are 270 shekels.

This is probably the Best in the market

The cheapest 4GB DDR16 memory is a single 2,400MHz module with CL17 timings From Patriot - and can be yours for $ 65.1 including shipping, or 240. Want DDR4 in a compact SO-DIMM? You will purchase The Patriot 16GB module at 2,400MHz speed with CL17 timings At a final speed of 67.13 USD, or 245 shekels.

For dessert - you want DDR4 memory with RGB illumination without a VAT charge? Two 16GB modules based on Hynix chips, 3,000MHz and CL15 That will cost you 81.77 dollars including shipping, ie 300 shekels. Definitely not an offer you meet every day.

The manufacturer is not known - but the chips it uses are from a good home, and the grades that the product receives from the Amazon buyers indicate that there is a worthy potential worth considering here